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Anqing Normal University

Anqing Normal University (Anqing Normal University), abbreviation of Anqing Normal University (AQNU), is located at National historical and cultural city Anhui Province Anqing City It is directly subordinate to Anhui Provincial People's Government Full time regular colleges and universities. It's the Ministry of education. Evaluation of undergraduate teaching level in Colleges and Universities Excellent institutions and the first batch of the country Baccalaureate The granting authority. The school has the right to grant master's degrees, and is elected to the second phase. Infrastructure construction of universities in the central and Western Regions "Project", "data China" Hundred school project The first batch of pilot institutions, National University Students' cultural quality education base .

The school was founded in 1897. Revere to the Academy After, and Seeking truth from school Merge into Anhui University Hall And then changed to Anhui. Military Academy Anhui military academy and Anhui special school of law and politics; 1928, Provincial Anhui University Established here; changed in 1946 to National Anhui University In 1949, it changed to the three branch of the PLA Navy joint school. In 1958, it gradually changed to Anhui teachers' College and Anqing teaching point of Anhwei Normal University. Anhwei Normal University Anqing branch, founded in 1980, at Anqing campus of Anhui Normal University. Anqing Teachers College 2016 classics Ministry of Education Approval was renamed Anqing Normal University.

According to the official website of the school in June 2019, the school has two campuses of Longshan and Linghu, covering an area of 2844 mu, with 17 two level colleges, 81 undergraduate majors, 11 first-degree disciplines, master's degree programs, and 7 professional master's degrees. There are more than 1200 teaching staff and more than 18000 full-time students.

Historical evolution

Merger predecessor

In 1897, the school of "Jing Fu College", the largest and longest running school in Anhui in Qing Dynasty, was moved to the school of Linghu campus. It opened a prelude to education for hundreds of years.

In 1902, on the basis of respecting the Academy, the Anhui great hall and the Anhui Military Academy were established respectively.

· Anhui public law school

In 1902, the Anhui college was founded by the combination of Jing Fu college and Qiushi school.

In 1904, it was renamed the Anhui higher learning institution.

In 1912, it was renamed Jianghuai University.

In 1915, it was renamed the Anhui public law and politics special school.

· Anhui women's sericulture workshop

In 1902, on the basis of the application of the Academy, the Anhui military academy was established.

In 1907, it was renamed the Anhui Army school.

In 1917, it was changed to Anhui women's sericulture workshop.

Merging schools

In 1919, the Anhui public law school and the Anhui women's sericulture workshop merged to form a new one.

Anhui public law school.

In 1928, the provincial Anhui University founded here.

In 1946, it changed to the national Anhui University. It has the reputation of "being in Beijing and Shanghai, second only to Tongji University in Shanghai".

In 1949, it changed to the three branch of the PLA Navy joint school.

In 1955, some specialized schools were separated and the Anhui normal school was established.

In 1958, the PLA Navy joint school three branch was converted to Anhui teachers' college.

In 1977, it was replaced by the Anqing teaching point of Anhwei Normal University.

In 1978, Anhui normal school merged into it.

In 1979, Anhwei Normal University, Anqing branch was established.

In 1980, Anqing Teachers College was established as the first batch of Bachelor degree awarding units in the country.

In 2004, joint graduate students were enrolled.

In 2006, it was officially awarded the master's degree awarding unit, and was selected as the national cultural and quality education base for university students.

In March 1, 2016, the Ministry of education agreed to rename it as Anqing Normal University.

In May 6, 2016, Anqing Normal University was officially listed.

In November 2018, the Ministry of Education announced the first batch of the list of excellent Chinese traditional culture heritage bases, which was selected by Anqing Normal University.

Faculty strength

As of March 2018, there were more than 1200 full-time teachers in the school.

Nearly 500 people, the doctoral and master degree teachers accounted for 80% of the total number of full-time teachers. There are more than 110 outstanding talents enjoying special posts from the State Council and provincial governments, provincial academic and technological leaders, provincial teaching masters, provincial top disciplines, and provincial and young academic leaders. There are 1 national teaching teams and 3 provincial teaching teams.

National teaching team (1) : Humanities education teaching team (responsible person: Wang Qingsong);

Provincial Teaching Team (3) : Chinese language and literature teaching team (responsible person: Fang Xi ball), pedagogy teaching team (responsible person: Cao Changde), mathematics analysis teaching team (person in charge: Ye Miaolin);

Teaching construction

According to the official website of the school in May 2016, the school has 5 state-level special specialties.

8 provincial-level characteristics, 1 state-level quality courses, 19 provincial quality courses, 3 provincial teaching demonstration centers. There are 14 national quality engineering construction projects and 200 provincial quality engineering projects, including 27 key teaching and research projects and 26 provincial teaching achievement awards, including 1 provincial top prizes and 4 first prize.

National characteristic specialty (5): Humanities education, performance, chemistry, environmental science and English;

Provincial specialty (8) : Logistics management, information and computing science, Environmental Science, English, biotechnology, preschool education, tourism management, marketing

National Quality Course (1 door) : An introduction to Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents";

Provincial Quality Courses (19 door) : Ancient Chinese literature, physical chemistry, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, inorganic chemistry, mathematical analysis, English literature, history of Chinese thought, introduction to literature, advanced algebra, classical mechanics, environmental science, pedagogy, ancient Chinese, civil law, English linguistics, Huangmei Opera art appreciation and singing, psychology, English teaching theories and methods, and the history of Chinese literary criticism;

Provincial Teaching Demonstration Center (3) : Anhui machinery manufacturing and automation engineering training demonstration center, Anhui provincial basic course experimental teaching demonstration center, Anhui experimental training open center.

Discipline construction

According to the official website of the school in March 2018, it has 5 provincial key disciplines, 11 first level academic master's degree programs (Marx doctrine, Chinese language and literature, mathematics, chemistry, statistics, education, Chinese history, ecology, information and communication engineering, environmental science and engineering, software engineering), 7 professional master's degree authorization categories (education, chemical engineering, law, sports, translation, journalism and communication, art). There are 17 provincial and ministerial level platforms, including central and local universities to build characteristic laboratories, build national accreditation laboratories, provincial key laboratories, provincial humanities and Social Sciences key research bases, provincial collaborative innovation centers, and provincial engineering technology research centers. Over the past five years, it has chaired the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund and the provincial and ministerial level projects for more than 300 items, and has obtained 25 awards for scientific research at the provincial level or above. .

· Provincial Key Disciplines

Scientific socialism and international communist movement, literature and art, inorganic chemistry, applied mathematics, and industrial economics.

· Master's degree and master's degree of first level discipline

According to the official website of the school in March 2018, the school has 11 master degrees and 7 master's degrees. .

· Professional master's degree

Master of education, master of chemical engineering, master of laws, master of physical education, master of translation, master of Journalism and communication, master of Arts.

External communication

As of May 2016, schools formed friendly cooperation schools with 16 foreign universities, including Salisbury University, Hildesheim University of Germany and Hanseo University, and jointly launched the "3+1" and "international 2+2" double degree programs in international business and economics.

School Honors

As of May 2016, schools were awarded four times by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government in Anhui province.

The title of "civilized unit" has been awarded the title of "advanced colleges and universities of Party building and ideological and political work in Anhui province" for many times by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the provincial education and working committee. It has been appraised by the Propaganda Department, the Ministry of education and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for ten consecutive years as the "advanced unit of the" three rural "social practice activities of the national college students and youth volunteers. It has been awarded the title of" advanced collective work of graduates from ordinary colleges and universities in Anhui province for seven consecutive years ", and has been awarded the" employment service unit "by the provincial government for four consecutive years. The school is the "advanced unit of the national spiritual civilization construction", "the advanced unit of the national school art education work", the "Anhui provincial university student innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration school", and "the first education system civilization unit construction school in Anhui province".

Academic resources

· Collection resources

As of August 2015, the total number of paper collections in the school library was over 223 volumes.

There are 1 million 50 thousand kinds of electronic books, 1995 kinds of paper periodicals.

In the collection of ancient books, there are Ming and Qing block printed books and relatively complete Tongcheng literature. The higher value of the large literature is " Complete Library of Four Branches of Books "," Continuation of four Libraries "," four inventory series, "ancient and modern book integration", "four series", "Tripitaka", "Declaration" and "modern Chinese historical materials series" and so on. The lecture hall, Wanfang Data innovation resource service system, reading TV knowledge base, silver character examination database, Longyuan electronic periodical reading room, superstar library, database of superstar mobile library, China Academic Journal Network Publishing General Library, Cook digital music library, national research network, late Qing Dynasty Republic of China periodical full text database, superstar digital library, Bo Yun system and other Chinese databases, as well as EBSCO ASP+BSP full-text periodical database, Springer Link electronic journal database, ProQuest Dialog database, national road foreign language thematic database, number chart foreign language original electronic book database, Elsevier ScienceDirect database and other foreign language databases, cover electronic books, periodicals, dissertations, newspapers, academic reports, courses, question databases and other database types. Digital resources include online

In terms of management services, in 2002, the library introduced the "Hui Wen management system" to achieve integrated computer management. In 2013, the mobile library was opened to enable readers to access library collection resources through mobile terminals, and to achieve online reading, enquiry, renewal, pre contract and new book subscription and promotion.

· Academic journals

" Journal of Anqing Normal University "Is an academic sponsored by Anqing Normal University.

Theoretical periodicals. The social science edition was published in October 1982, released in 1985, changed from quarterly to bimonthly in 1999, changed from bimonthly to monthly in 2008, and bimonthly in 2012. The key columns and featured columns include "Sinicization of Marx doctrine", "Chen Duxiu study", "Tongcheng school study" and "Wanjiang culture research". The natural science edition was published in October 1982 and published in 1995 as a quarterly publication.

" Journal of Anqing Normal University Both the social science and the natural science are all sponsored by the national Torch Program. China Journal Net "Chinese Academic Journal (CD version)" and "comprehensive evaluation database of Chinese Academic Journals" are included in the full text. At the same time, he won the title of "Anhui outstanding journal".

Cultural tradition

School badge

Anqing Normal University Emblem

School motto

Apply to the world, diligently and diligently.

"Jing Fu": the phrase "respecting the five religions" in the book of letters means respecting and enlightening. "Shi fan": the phrase "Shi Shuo Xin Yu, the first line of virtue" is "speaking as a scholar, acting in the world", meaning that words and deeds should be exemplary and exemplary. "Diligent learning": take the meaning of "Shu Shan has a road and diligence as its path". It means doing things, doing knowledge and doing diligence diligently. " Sincere "The book of rites, the doctrine of the mean" is "learned" and interrogated. Sincere ". Emphasizing that not only should we learn, ask, think, distinguish, but also practice on the ground, we can truly reach the ideal realm of knowledge and life.   Revere to the Academy It's a school run. The source of learning It is a symbol of the school's tradition of running a century. "Respecting the world" embodies both the long history of the school and its achievements. Anhui Province The meaning of the birthplace of higher education embodies the school. Teacher education With the characteristics and advantages, teachers and students should be encouraged to enhance their self-cultivation, improve their quality, and strive to become a paragon of society. "Diligence and diligence" continued the school's predecessor. National Anhui University The school motto is slightly revised. It advocates that the teachers and students should inherit the good tradition of learning from the old university and practise it in an effort to make greater contributions to the nation, the country and the society.