Animal resources in Guangan

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Animal resources in Guang'an

There are 14 families, 30 species of mammals, 11 orders, 36 families, 115 species of birds, 19 species of reptiles and 10 species of frogs in Guang'an City. The national first-class protected birds include the Tragopan, which is mainly distributed in the forest area of Huaying Mountain. The second grade national protected birds include Caragana rubra, Tragopan Tragopan, long horned Crake, Jitian chicken, Huatian chicken, brown backed pheasant, mandarin duck (commonly known as wild duck, more in Dahong lake, Linshui county), green dove, crow cuckoo, Lingjiao cuckoo, Diao owl, spotted bunting bunting, kite, Eagle, blue emerald, kingfisher, black pillow green woodpecker, spotted woodpecker, brown bellied woodpecker, sparrow hawk, which are mainly distributed in Huaying Mountain Forest area and Qujiang River, Jialing River, Dahong River, Yulin River Basin. The national first-class protected mammals include pangolin, great civet, spotted beaver and otter, which are mainly distributed in Huaying Mountain forest area. Otters are in the forest and by the river. There are muntjac and giant squirrel of deer family, which are distributed in Huaying Mountain forest area. There are snakes, frogs and toads, which are distributed in the city.