Anhui rescue

Home Food 2018-11-27

Anhui rescue Great rescue is a traditional feature of Shouxian County in Anhui Province, which has a history of more than 1000 years. The main raw materials for the production are: * pig fat, kumquat cake, walnut kernel, green plum, green red silk, rock sugar, sugar, sweet osmanthus and so on. After special processing, its shape is flat and round, with swirling flow in the middle. Multi-layer flower crisps are folded, such as gold wire coiling, golden in color, crisp and delicious, heavy oil but not greasy, rich in a variety of fruits, which has long been famous and quite legendary.

In 956, the later Zhou Dynasty conquered the Huainan State and ordered the general Zhao Kuangxu to lead his troops to attack the Southern Tang Dynasty (Shouxian County today). The defenders of the Southern Tang Dynasty vowed to resist death and fought fiercely. Zhao Kuangxu was unable to attack for a long time and almost missed his military aircraft. After nine months of siege, Zhao Kuangxu finally entered Shouxian County. As a result of overwork, Zhao Kuangxu has been working hard for several days. It is difficult for him to get in water and rice, and he has badly damaged the army officers and soldiers. At that time, a chef in the army, after consulting experienced chefs in Shouxian County, used high-quality flour, sugar, lard, sesame oil, green and red silk, orange cakes, walnut kernels and other ingredients, carefully made into filling round pastries, sent to Shuaifu. Zhao Kuangxu only felt an aroma coming. Then he looked at the snacks on the table. They were beautiful and unconscious. He picked up one and put it in his mouth. It was crisp and sweet. Looking at the filling carefully, it was as beautiful and refreshing as a white cloud with a rainbow, so I ate a lot in succession, and my body suddenly felt stronger. Since then, he has eaten several times in a row, recovered quickly, and led the army to several successive victories. Later, Zhao Kuangxu was the founding emperor of the Great Song Dynasty. He talked about the war of the Southern Tang Dynasty from time to time, and he always remembered the snacks he had eaten in Shouxian County. He once said to his subordinates, "Thanks to the rescue of the saddle horse, the post-war illness." So they called this kind of cake "great rescue".