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( Anhui University For short, "anda" is located in the provincial capital. Market It's the state. "Double First-Class" initiative "World class discipline construction," Ministry of Education And Provincial People's Government Build a university together. National Defense Science and Technology Bureau Build a university with the people's Government of the province. 211 Project The key is to build universities. Selected countries " 2011 plan " Outstanding legal talents education and training plan , National construction of high level university postgraduate projects , New engineering research and practice project , National University Students' cultural quality education base , the national Chinese education base, Ministry of education's demonstration base for studying abroad in China , Chinese government scholarship to receive international students in China , National deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration University , National Undergraduate Innovative Experiment Program , National innovation and entrepreneurship training program for College Students , National Civilized Campus It is a key comprehensive university covering 10 disciplines: Science, engineering, literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, management, pedagogy and art.

The school will be the provincial capital in April 1928. Market Founded Provincial Government As the beginning of school building. In 1958, University of Hong Kong The original physics department Based on that, in September 16th of the same year, Mao Zedong The chairman wrote the name of the school for himself.

According to the official website of the school in September 2018, the school has four campuses and a university science and Technology Industrial Park, covering an area of 3200 mu, with a building area of 1 million 250 thousand square meters and a collection of more than 350 volumes of paper books. There are 13 postdoctoral research mobile stations, 15 PhD authorized first level disciplines, 1 PhD authorized two level disciplines, 32 master's degrees authorized first level disciplines, 2 master degree authorized two grade disciplines, and 2 professional master's degree authorization categories; there are several institutes (departments, departments), and an undergraduate major; there are surplus staff and faculty; and the size of the students is about more than that, including graduate students, full-time, junior college students.

History of running a school

In May 1897, Qiushi school was established.

In November 1901, Qiushi school was renamed the school of the University.

In 1902, it was renamed the higher learning institution.

Schools were closed in 1911.

In 1928, the school resumed its operation and renamed it.

In 1929, the school was renamed as the provincial government.

During the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, schools were forced to move westward and shut down because of Japanese invasion. After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan in 1945, it was renamed the national government. Famous scholar Yao Yong Pu , Liu Wen Dian , Wang Xing Gong , Cheng Sheng Sheng , Tao Yin , Xie , Ding Xu Xian , founding member of the Creation Society , Zhou Yu Tong , LV simian , Zhang Yi , Jian Ren Zhou He has taught or chaired school administration.

Moved to December 1949 Market , and Graduate School Merge to restore the name of the school.

After the ideological reform movement in 1952, the provincial Party committee decided to move to the capital city. To this end, the school set up a leading group of infrastructure, and quickly sent Xu Liancheng, Zhu Shixiong as the deputy director of the infrastructure work team, to engage in the new school infrastructure work.

In 1954, the adjustment of colleges and departments in Colleges and universities nationwide was transferred to some institutions in East China.

At the same time, transferred to some departments, set up two teachers' colleges and agronomy institutes, and independently set up specialized ones in February 1954. School of Agriculture (now) Xie Sum Normal College (now) Xie ), the abolition of the establishment system.

In 1958, a new school built outside the gate of the west gate was completed by the original infrastructure team. The provincial Party committee originally planned to transfer the normal college to the new campus. However, due to the changes and demands of the situation, the provincial Party committee decided that the teachers' college should remain. Xie In the new school, we also built the "University". And decided to transfer the main department Physics Department of the normal college to the University, leaving only a few teachers to prepare for the new physics department. Other departments include Chinese, foreign languages, history, geography, mathematics, biology, chemistry and other departments. Only a few key teachers and some school management cadres have been drawn to the University.

On July 5, 1958, the seventh meeting of the State Council decided that he had served as president of the University. Zhang Xing Yan , Sun Tao Lin Vice president. In July 21st, the provincial Party committee decided to set up the Party committee of the University of Zhang Hangyan, Secretary of the former political commissar of the normal school of the Military Academy of the PLA. Fang Zhiming was the first deputy secretary. In September 16th of the same year, Chairman Mao came to the inspection and made a name for it. Wei is Mao Zedong One of the few universities where Comrade personally wrote the name of the school.

In 1993, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government responded to the strategic plan of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and decided to support the entry of the state into the state through the specific organizational leadership and strong support of the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of education. 211 Project "

In 1996, " 211 Project Departmental pretrial.

In December 1997, the school officially became the national "211 Project". Key universities Also Xie Provincial succession Xie The next second key universities of "211 projects".

In 1998, the provincial government approved the implementation of the "211 Project" project in the same year. Xie , Qiao Shi Comrades wrote congratulations on the establishment of the school 70th anniversary.

In 1999, the project was approved as the "211 Project" project. In the same year, it was selected as the first batch of National University Students' cultural quality education base.

In 2000, the original bank school and the finance school merged into the school.

In June 2001, on the basis of completing the tasks of "95" and "211 projects" on schedule, we successfully passed the acceptance of the whole national project. In the same year, Xie Comrades received the "ten top poverty alleviation champion" teachers in this school. He Jia Qing Comrade.

In November 7, 2002 and September 17, 2003, the feasibility study report on "fifteen" and "211 projects" and the purchase plan for equipment and equipment were approved by the expert group of the Ministry of education and the State Planning Commission respectively. China International Engineering Consulting Corporation Inspection and assessment by the expert group. In December 28th, the Qingyuan campus, which covers an area of more than 2000 mu, held a commencement ceremony and began to enter in 2004.

In June 2004, the feasibility study report of the project "fifteen" and "211 projects" was approved by the national development and Reform Commission, and the construction project of "fifteen" and "211 projects" was officially established in the country.

In June 2006, it passed the acceptance of the national "fifteen" and "211 Project" projects.

In November 2007, the school passed the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of education with excellent results.

In August 2013, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of Education Provincial People's Government The joint signing agreement has been officially issued. In accordance with the co construction agreement, the Ministry of education incorporated the development and development of the Ministry into the national overall plan for the development of higher education and gave the same treatment to the directly affiliated universities.

In July 2014, the Ministry of education was selected as the typical experience of the national graduate employment.

In September 2017, it was selected as the list of "double first class" world-class universities. In November, the school was selected as the first national civilized campus.

In March 2018, the first batch of "new engineering" research and practice projects were selected by the Ministry of education. In December, it became the provincial government and the national defense science and Technology Bureau.

academic research

scientific research institution

According to the official website of the school in May 2019, there are 2 National Joint Engineering Laboratories (research centers), 1 Ministry of education, humanities and Social Sciences key research bases, 2 Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, 1 Ministry of education engineering research centers, and 1 modern experimental technology centers with national CMA metrology accreditation, 1 national "2011 collaborative innovation centers" sub centers, 1 provincial technological innovation centers, 13 provincial key laboratories, engineering laboratories, 6 provincial-level universities, humanities and Social Sciences key research bases, 9 provincial engineering and technology research centers, provincial and provincial technological innovation public service platforms and a national university student external practice education base, with state-level and provincial level experimental teaching (training) demonstration centers.

Cultural tradition

School badge

The original system of the school badge is scheduled for the late 80s. The school badge is circular in general, and the central pattern is the school.

The deformation of teaching main building and "1928" are the year of school establishment, symbolizing the history of schools.

In September 2003, a new school badge pattern was designed by the Faculty of art. In line with the principles of continuity, prudent, modern and concise, new School badge The circular composition of the original school badge is maintained. Tact It retained the name of the original school badge, the English translation name and the establishment time of the school name, and retained the landmark building as the main body of the teaching building after the reconstruction of the school, and made proper deformation to keep the original features of depth, overlap and extension, and similar to the landscape of the main building group of the new Qingyuan campus from the east to the West. It showed that the culture of the new and old school district came down in one continuous line. The shape of the building was like a book, like a crown, plus a group of semi circular crowns before the building, which was even bigger, more profound and more alive.

School motto

"Sincere to hard, erudite." Sincere "

Of the 8 words, 6 came from " Rites · The Doctrine of the Mean " "Sincerity" is biography.

The highest moral level of Confucianism is that "erudition" and "devotion to action" are regarded as "the eyes of sincerity" and are the behavioral guides for achieving the realm of "sincerity". The 2 character of "Jian Jian" is the essential element of willpower to achieve the requirement of human character in school and even times. For today, "sincerity to hardship" refers to the process of life cultivation with honesty, integrity and perseverance as the goal. It can be regarded as a requirement for "Virtue". Learned and committed "Refers to a profound, profound and sincere, sincere as an indicator of academic attitude, can be regarded as the" talent "requirements. The interpretation of the 8 words "sincere to strong, knowledgeable and committed" is nothing more than "having both ability and integrity". But through the emphasis on "sincerity", "hard", "Bo" and "Du", it highlights the moral requirements for the practice of learning purposes and the accomplishment of talents.

The school motto was formulated at the end of 1996. In 1998, during the commemoration of the 70th anniversary anniversary of the founding of the school, the Chinese Contemporary Buddhist scholars, social activists and calligraphers were invited. Zhao Pu Chu The school motto was inscribed.

School song

The school song was created in 1933 by the Vice Chancellor. Cheng Sheng Sheng Mr. Lu, the national phonetic Specialist (predecessor) Xiao you Mei Composer, sir.


Dive Yue, Jianghuai Tang. Xia Shang Zhao Kai, Yong Rong Han Tang. The culture is diverse and the nation is prosperous. Many of them are at the top.

Dive Yue, Jianghuai Tang. Cherish the memory of sages, Guan Zhong Meng Zhuang. Govan was famous for his studies. Many of them are at the top.