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As a multi-disciplinary finance and economics university, economics, management and law are the first batch of universities that have the right to grant bachelor's degree and the third batch of granting master's degree conferring power. Two thousand and twelve In 2000, the basic capacity building project of the central and western universities was approved. Two thousand and fourteen It was selected as a high level university construction project in Shandong Province.

School in One thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine year Five It was built in the first month. One thousand nine hundred and sixty-one The annual relocation site is known as "Pearl City", which is located in the traffic center. One thousand nine hundred and eighty-three In 2003, the school headquarters moved to the west campus, successively affiliated to the China national supply and Marketing Cooperative headquarters, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of internal trade. Two thousand year Two In June, the State Council decided that the central government and the local government should be jointly built up with provincial government management. Two thousand and four year Five In June, the Ministry of Education approved the school to rename it. Nine In June, the school moved to the east campus.

Total area of school covers Nine hundred and eighty-three thousand four hundred and fifty Square meters, total value of fixed assets One hundred and seventy-one thousand two hundred and fifty-nine point eight five Ten thousand yuan. Total book storage Three hundred and twenty-nine point five two Ten thousand copies, of which the paper collection Two hundred and fourteen point eight three Million copies, electronic collections One hundred and fourteen point six nine Ten thousand copies. Another online electronic journal. One point six Ten thousand species, including Chinese Periodicals One Ten thousand kinds of Foreign Periodicals Zero point six 000 kinds of online databases Forty-four One. Set up Twelve A college, One A teaching department. Three A provincial-level research institution. Thirty-five A school level research institution; Sixty-seven A bachelor's degree. Two Second bachelor degree. Eight The first class master's degree authorization point. Thirty-six A two level master's degree authorization point. Fourteen A master's degree authorization point. Four Provincial and ministerial level key research bases. Eight Provincial key disciplines, One Provincial first-class disciplines 5 A national characteristic specialty. Fourteen A provincial specialty. One A national comprehensive reform pilot project. One A national school enterprise cooperation practical education base.

Existing in-service staff in schools One thousand three hundred and ninety-eight Among them, full-time teachers One thousand and eighty A person with a senior title. Five hundred and two Man, master's degree 81.85% Ordinary undergraduate students Twenty-one thousand and ninety-nine Man, master's degree student One thousand eight hundred and eighty-four People. since Two thousand and ten Since the beginning of the year, the school has entered an enrollment system, and the admission score has always been among the best in provincial universities.

The school firmly establishes the status of personnel training center, earnestly implements the basic task of Lide Shuren, and promotes the construction of "four in one" education system, including knowledge inquiry, ability enhancement, quality training and personality cultivation. It is committed to training high-level applied talents and providing talent support and intellectual support for the development of local and industrial economic society. According to the China Society of higher education, the white paper on the training of innovative talents and disciplines in Chinese universities and colleges is published. 2013-2017 "Ranking" in schools One hundred and eighty-one Place in the Provincial Universities Five Position in the national finance and Economics Colleges Six Position.

The school should give full play to its foundation and advantages, consolidate its disciplinary characteristics and direction, set up a special disciplinary zone, and create a platform for discipline construction, thus forming a group of economic and management disciplines with multiple categories, reasonable structure, mutual support, obvious advantages and distinctive features. Applied economics has been selected as the first class discipline at the provincial level. Applied economics, business administration, statistics three disciplines, in the fourth round of discipline assessment of the Ministry of education. B- Class, released in soft branch. Two thousand and eighteen The best subjects in China are schools. Seven The number of subjects is fifth.

Schools have always attached importance to scientific research and social services, and the level of scientific research has been steadily improving, and the brand and influence of social services are increasingly prominent. Schools have won new breakthroughs in projects such as the National Social Science Fund and the National Natural Science Foundation. The number of national social science funds ranks the top ten among the national finance and Economics Universities, ranking four in the provincial universities for four consecutive years. Based on local economic and social development and industry demand, schools strive to build a new high-end think tank in the financial field, especially the research results represented by the series of research reports on economic and social development.

Schools actively carry out external exchanges and cooperation. Through seminars, experts and scholars from home and abroad are invited to give lectures and lectures, and teachers are sent to Japan, the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, Denmark, Hungary and other countries, and to study, visit and pursue degrees, and actively promote exchanges with schools at home and abroad. It has established intercollegiate relations with universities in the United States, Britain, Australia, Japan and South Korea. 2+2 , 3+1 , 3+2 And other forms of personnel training.

The school has perfect teaching, sports facilities and apartment apartment management, and has good learning environment and elegant living environment. It has won the title of "provincial garden style units" and "advanced collectives for student apartments in Colleges and universities". ISO - Nine thousand Quality certification, won the "national best restaurant" title.

The school will comprehensively implement the spirit of the National Conference on Ideological and political work in the whole province, the National Education Conference and the new era national higher education undergraduate conference, comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform of schools, innovate the mode of personnel training, uphold the motto of "honesty, knowledge, and unity", comply with the law of higher education development, promote the construction of new financial management system, and make it a prominent economic and management subject, with distinctive features in the same universities, and a first-class teaching and research university with a certain impact both at home and abroad.

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