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Anhui Science And Technology University

Anhui Science and Technology University is located Anhui Province Chuzhou City Fengyang County and Bengbu City By the state Ministry of Education Approved full-time full-time undergraduate universities, universities in Anhui's applied high level universities to serve the national special needs master's degree professional training project pilot unit, selected by the Ministry of education " Excellent engineer education and training plan "," Excellent agricultural and forestry talents education and training plan "," New engineering research and practice project " National innovation and entrepreneurship training program for College Students , Anhui higher education revitalization program

The school was founded in 1950, started undergraduate education in 1965, and awarded the bachelor's degree awarding unit in 1993. Go through Anhui Agricultural College Fengyang branch, North Anhui Agricultural College, Anhui Agricultural Technology Normal College, Anhui Polytechnic Normal University In 2005, it was renamed Anhui Science and Technology University by the Ministry of education.

As of May 2019, the school has Fengyang campus and Bengbu Longhu campus, covering an area of 2000 mu, with a construction area of 530 thousand square meters, 1 million 350 thousand volumes of book books, 1 million 220 thousand e-books, 14 two level colleges and 60 undergraduate specialties, covering agriculture, engineering, science, management, economics, law, medicine, etc.

Historical evolution

In 1950, the advanced agricultural and forestry school in Northern Anhui was founded.

In 1952, purple Lianshan forestry school was incorporated into the advanced agricultural and forestry school in Northern Anhui.

In 1952, the school was renamed Fengyang agricultural school.

In 1960, Fengyang agricultural school was upgraded to Fengyang agricultural college.

In 1960, Anhui Agricultural College (founded in 1958), Wuhu agricultural college, Tunxi Tea College, Suxian Agricultural College and other 3 Agricultural Majors merged into Fengyang agricultural college.

In 1965, Anhui Agricultural College (Department of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine) and Fengyang Agricultural College merged to form Anhui Agricultural College (Fengyang branch).

In 1981, Anhui Agricultural College (Huaibei branch) was merged into Anhui Agricultural College (Fengyang branch) and renamed Anhui Agricultural College (North Anhui Branch).

In 1981, Anhui Agricultural College (North Anhui Branch) was upgraded to Anhui Agricultural College.

In 1985, the North Anhui Agricultural College was rebuilt into Anhui agricultural technology normal college.

In 2000, Anhui Agricultural Technology Teachers College was renamed Anhui Polytechnic Normal University.

In 2005, Anhui Polytechnic Normal University Officially changed its name to Anhui Science and Technology University.

In 2009, it was approved as the construction unit of Anhui demonstration application university.

In October 2011, it was awarded the Ministry of education. Excellent engineer education and training plan Colleges and universities. In the same year, the school was approved to become an agricultural master's enrollment qualification point for serving the national special needs project.

In 2012, the Ministry of Education awarded the title of "50 typical colleges and universities for the employment of graduates nationwide".

In 2013, the first batch of national undergraduate teaching evaluation and evaluation units selected by the Ministry of education were assessed and evaluated by the evaluation experts. In January, it was selected as a national innovation and entrepreneurship training program for college students. In October, he won the first China prizes science and technology award. In the same year, the first batch of Anhui provincial higher education revitalization plan was approved.

In 2014, Anhui Science and Technology University was awarded the first batch of pilot projects of the national excellent agricultural and forestry talent education and training program.

In 2017, the school was awarded the provincial high level university with outstanding achievements, and successfully passed the acceptance of the national special needs professional training program, and became one of the "double first class" universities in Anhui.

In March 2018, the Ministry of education was awarded the first batch of new engineering research and practice projects. In July, it was appraised by the Ministry of education. Typical experience of innovation and entrepreneurship in China

Teaching construction

· quality engineering

As of April 2016, the school has 1 state-level university students' practical education base and national level comprehensive.

There are 1 pilot reform specialties, 2 state-level special specialties, 4 outstanding education and training programs of the Ministry of education, 3 national outstanding agricultural and forestry personnel training programs, 7 provincial outstanding talents training programs, 6 provincial-level demonstration training centers, 10 provincial featured specialties, 2 provincial teaching reforms and 2 normal teachers, 2 provincial comprehensive reform pilot programs, 10 provincial level personnel training mode innovation experimentation area, 2 provincial school enterprise cooperation practice education bases, 2 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, provincial teachers' teaching ability development center, provincial quality resource sharing curriculum, and provincial university student innovation laboratory construction plan.

National University Students' off campus practice education base Anhui Science and Technology University - Ma'anshan Yurun Food Co., Ltd. Engineering Practice Education Center

National comprehensive reform pilot program Seed science and Engineering

National characteristic specialty Biomedicine and veterinary medicine

Outstanding engineer education and training program of Ministry of Education Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, food science and engineering. Vehicle engineering and environmental engineering

National pilot program for reform and training of agriculture and Forestry Talents Animal medicine, agriculture, agricultural resources and environment

Provincial excellent talent education and training plan : food quality and safety, computer science and technology Excellent management and excellent legal talents. Mechanical and electrical engineering, excellent engineer Excellent agricultural and Forestry Talents

Provincial Demonstration Experiment Training Center : Engineering Training Center, College English Autonomous Learning Center, food engineering experimental training center, mechanical and electrical engineering provincial open training center, veterinary clinical training center. Demonstration training center for glass materials and technology

Provincial specialty : biological science, animal medicine, animal science, seed science and engineering, agricultural resources and environment, mechanical and electronic engineering, Applied Chemistry and environmental engineering Applied Chemistry Plant protection

Provincial Teaching Reform normal school Agronomy education, food science and Engineering

Provincial Comprehensive Pilot Reform Logistics management, cooking and nutrition education, facility agriculture science and engineering. Mechanical and electronic engineering, marketing, Chinese pharmacy Urban and rural planning, bioengineering, editing and publishing Animal science and inorganic nonmetallic materials engineering

Provincial talent training mode innovation experimentation area Oriented to the cultivation of entrepreneurial talents in grass-roots agriculture, innovation experimentation area, agronomy applied and innovative entrepreneurial talents training.

Provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education base Animal production discipline, personnel training base for agriculture, science and education, and engineering practice education center of Anhui Science and Technology University - an Rico Compressor Co., Ltd. Dada logistics training and education base, animal medicine professional practice education base. Silicon material innovation and practice education base

Provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center Simulation Training Center for English Chinese Translation Automobile virtual simulation experiment center

Provincial teachers' Teaching Ability Development Center Applied teachers' Teaching Ability Development Center The sub center of teachers' teaching ability development, the sub center of teachers' teaching ability development and the sub center of teaching ability development of financial and applied teachers.

Provincial quality resource sharing course Marketing, pharmaceutical botany, biochemistry, plant nutrition. Anatomy, histology, embryology, management, crop genetics and breeding, animal production, animal physiology, food technology, seed production technology, veterinary pharmacology, soil science, University Physics, Animal Parasitology, plant protection technology, and pharmacology of Chinese materia medica. College physics, Animal Parasitology and Parasitology, Chinese pharmacology, and plant protection techniques. Animal environmental hygiene, social etiquette, accounting regulations and accounting professional ethics, food toxicology. Microcomputer principle

Provincial university student laboratory construction program Science and engineering majors, multidimensional college students, customer labs, and agricultural university students.

· Teaching achievement

In 2008, we won the first prize of the provincial teaching achievement award 1 and the three prize 5. In 2010, we won the two or three prize of 3 provincial teaching achievement awards. In 2012, we won 4 prize winners, including 1, two and 3, three prize. In 2013, he won 6 prize of three prize of provincial teaching achievement award.

In 2004, the first "Tongli Cup" youth entrepreneurship competition in CHZHOU city was awarded a silver award and two outstanding prizes. In 2005, the second prize winner of the "red Wan Cup" ecological youth welfare advertising competition in Anhui province was awarded the best advertising language Award; the "three rational Internet access and love learning" speech contest in Anhui province was awarded the three prize; the three prize in speech contest of Anhui province "knowing honor and Disgrace" and "the new style of wind" speech contest; the 2006 Anhui University singer competition silver prize, the Chinese university student "CCTV Cup" English speaking competition, Anhui competition area third. In 2007, the school students won the three prize of the Anhui star hope speech contest. In 2008, the first "Iron Army Cup" New Fourth Army's story speech contest in Anhui was awarded the first prize. The fourth "UFIDA Cup" national college student entrepreneurship design and the sand table simulation business contest, the Anhui competition final two prize. The student career planning and design competition in Anhui province was awarded the star of the college career planning (Gold Award). In 2009, the Anhui provincial "self reliant and determined to serve the motherland" was awarded the three prize. In 2010, he won 2 three prize in the second Anhui University film and television art competition, the sixth "UFIDA Cup" national college student entrepreneurship design and the sand table simulation business competition, the Anhui competition final three prize.

In 2004, he was awarded the two prize of the ordinary group performance program in the first college student art exhibition in Anhui province. He won the three prize in the performing arts program of the first national college student art exhibition. In 2005, the dance drum country feelings won the three prize in the first "Xiao Ling Tong Cup" College Students Cultural Arts Festival Dance Competition in Bengbu. In 2007, the college student art troupe flower drum team appeared in the Yangtze River Valley folk culture and Arts Festival. In 2008, the college student art troupe flower drum team took part in the charming campus Eighth National Campus Spring Festival Gala and won the silver award. The quyi art "Fengyang is really a good place" won the two prize of Chuzhou literature and Art Award (Art). The dance work Fengyang flower drum was awarded the three prize of Chuzhou arts and Literature Award (Art). In 2009, the chorus "under the brilliant sunshine" won the three prize in the choir of the motherland's long live, held by the provincial education department.

Cooperation and communication

As of April 2016, schools and local governments, related enterprises to carry out school enterprise, school real estate research cooperation project more than 300. The school vigorously implements the "state (territory) external cooperative school running project", and meticulously organized the "excellent university student thousand person study tour plan". It has established exchanges and cooperation with 24 universities, including the United States, South Korea, Germany and Taiwan. It has 2 state-level Sino foreign cooperative education projects and 5 provincial Sino foreign cooperation projects. There are 365 students in the international class. 82 of them go to the United States and Korea to study for a bachelor's degree, and another 24 graduates go abroad to study for a master's degree.

academic research

Scientific research platform

As of June 2015, the school had 13 research platforms above the provincial level, and 2 provincial "115" innovation teams.

Ministerial research platform Ministry of Agriculture: Key Laboratory of bio organic fertilizer development

Provincial Research Platform: Anhui maize breeding Engineering Technology Research Institute Anhui agricultural productivity promotion center, Anhui modern agricultural vocational education group, Anhui precision fertilization technology public service platform , Anhui maize Engineering Center , Anhui province Stevia varieties breeding and cultivation engineering technology research center Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of poultry disease prevention and control monitoring Provincial Key Laboratory of electrical transmission and control, Key Laboratory of textile fabrics, Anhui provincial bio organic fertilizer Collaborative Innovation Center, etc.

Provincial "115" innovation team : green feed additives and functional livestock and poultry products R & D team (responsible person: Li Sheng &) Forage breeding research and development innovation team (person in charge: Liu Zheng)

Achievements in scientific research

As of April 2016, the school has undertaken 1100 research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation and the social science fund, including 215 provinces (departments). More than 3000 academic papers have been published, and 18 provincial (Department) level scientific and technological achievements have been awarded, including 92 national standards, industry standards, and invention patents.

Academic resources

Collection resources

By the end of 2015, there were 1 million 100 thousand books and books, 707 thousand local mirror e-books, 280 thousand electronic books, 20 local mirror and master's degree dissertations, and 29403 bachelor's degree dissertations.

The library has ordered. Chinese Academic Journals Full text database, excellent Chinese database, Database of Chinese sci-tech periodicals , Wanfang Data , Chinese Dissertations Full-text Database , EBSCO , Springer And other Chinese and foreign periodicals database, and superstar reading, silver character simulation examination questions library and mobile library, etc., and self built database of Anhui Science and Technology University graduate thesis, Ming culture database, video on demand and other special databases.

Academic journals

" Journal of Anhui Science and Technology University "

It is an academic publication sponsored by the Anhui Provincial Department of education and sponsored by Anhui Science and Technology University to reflect new achievements and new information in new theories, new technologies, new technologies and higher education fields such as agricultural science, engineering technology and basic science. The main columns include life sciences, food science and engineering, animal science and animal medicine, basic science, plant protection, soil and fertilizer, and crop cultivation.

The journal was first published in 1984, the quarterly magazine is the Journal of North Anhui Agricultural College. In July 1995, the Journal of Anhui Agricultural Technology Teachers College was officially approved by the State Science and Technology Commission for public issuance. In January 2002, it was renamed the Journal of Anhui Polytechnic Normal University. In September 2006, it was renamed the Journal of Anhui Science and Technology University, and its publication is CN34-1300/N.

In 2004, he won the three prize of the fourth national excellent agricultural periodicals, and won the two prize of outstanding journals of Anhui higher education institutions in 2009. In 2015, he won the second "advanced collective of agricultural journals in China". It was collected by the State Press and publication administration, CNKI, VIP journal and Wanfang database.

Cultural tradition

School badge

The theme of the school emblem evolved from the "A" in "ANHUI" in the English name of the school to Phoenix, which is flying high.

School badge

It shows that the school is located in Fengyang, a famous historical and cultural city in Anhui. It also symbolizes that teachers and students are brave enough to explore the mysteries of science and strive to reach the peak of knowledge.

The central dots are just like technology balls, highlighting the connotation of the school running; like the rising sun, it shows that the school is full of vitality and brilliant future. The two blue waves in the middle symbolizes the development of schools and striving for excellence.

1950 of the pattern indicates the time when the school was founded.

School motto

Practice, innovation, dedication and Practice

Practice: the way to educate people and the characteristics of running schools. Advocating genuine knowledge is not the only book. Diligent in hands and skill. Unity of knowledge and action, seeking truth and seeking truth. Combining reality, learning is successful.

Innovation: the requirements of the times and the soul of progress. The prosperity of our country is changing with each passing day. Learning is constant and soul is innovating. Do not remain incomplete, ask questions with questions. Pioneering and enterprising, endless.

Dedication: the attitude of doing things, the duties that should be done. We should uphold the principles of governing and industry. Concentrate on your studies and work hard. Rigorous scholarship, tireless teaching. Dedication and dedication.

An example: the requirement of being a man is the standard of a teacher. Moral education is both high and good. Cultivate your mind and body and your virtue. Future teachers, from now on. Two generations of teachers, mutual encouragement and progress.

Teaching style and style of study

Teaching style: dedication, moral cultivation, rigorous scholarship and excellence.

Style of study: diligent in study, good at thinking, diligent in study, unity and cooperation.

University Spirit

Arduous struggle, pioneering and innovative, realistic and pragmatic, selfless dedication

Outstanding alumni

Miao Ju Anhui Suixi people, 2007 graduates of biotechnology, School of life sciences. Now he is the general manager of Fengyang Da Bao dry Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Xiaogangcun County, deputy secretary of Xiaogangcun county Party committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee. The national entrepreneurship model, outstanding Party members, hundreds of moving figures nationwide, Chuzhou pioneering pioneer, Chuzhou's ten big news personages. Comrade Hu Jintao has received cordial reception.

Yang Jun Sen The 2002 grade undergraduate of life science college served as the Secretary of the class League branch and served as the member of the Youth League Committee at the university level, and served as the two "university student village official". In September 2007, he came to assistant director of the village of Miantan village, Shexian, Huangshan City, Anhui province. The first Chinese "top ten university student village official" was elected. Comrade Xi Jinping has been interviewed for the two time.

Li Xiaojun In 1982, he was born in Wuhu, Anhui, a member of the Democratic Party and 2006 graduates of Chinese pharmacy. It has won the honorary title of "top ten" College Students' star of entrepreneurship in Hangzhou, the top ten Internet operators in the world, and the annual economic personage of brand China 2012 China tea industry.

Ying Jie pan Born in April 1951 in Jiangsu, he is a graduate student, a professor and a doctoral supervisor, a member of the Communist Party of China. College of agriculture, Anhui Science and Technology University The 1982 grader of Agronomy is currently the president of Shanghai Fisheries University.

Wang Jia Qi Born in Anhui in June 1967. In 1988, he received a bachelor's degree in animal husbandry from Anhui agricultural technology teacher's College (now Anhui Science and Technology University). He is currently Deputy Director of the Personnel Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, chief scientist of the 973 national project, and two outstanding talents of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences enjoy special allowance from the State Council.

Fan Hong Jie Born in July 1968, Anhui. Wangjiang County People. He graduated from Veterinary Academy of Anhui Agricultural College in 1990. Ph. D., a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor in Jiangsu. Nanjing Agricultural University Secretary and Dean of the Party committee of animal medical college.

Yang Hong Shun Anhui is an ineffective person, Ph.D., associate professor of grain and oil and Food College of Henan University of Technology. 98 graduates of agricultural products storage and processing (now food science and Engineering). It is a member of the American food technologist Association, a member of the American Academy of agricultural and biological systems engineering, a member of the International Association for food protection and a senior member of the Chinese Academy of agricultural engineering.

Wu Yong He was appointed member, standing committee and Secretary of the Langxi County Committee of the Communist Youth League in December 2012. Born in July 1984, Communist Party member, graduate degree, 2006 graduates of food science and engineering. July 2006 selected to work in Langxi county. During the two consecutive years of work, he was appraised as "the advanced individual of the county Party committee system propaganda work" and "the excellent league cadre of Xuancheng".

Ni Jin Dong College of animal science, 1992 graduates of animal medicine. It is one of the founders of Tai Bei Nong group. In 2007, he was chosen as the ten outstanding youth and ten honorary citizens of Suqian city in Jiangsu. She was appointed Deputy to the NPC of Suqian city and the Standing Committee of Suqian Municipal People's Congress. He is the chairman of Shanghai You Shi feed Technology Co., Ltd.

Wang Cheng Ming In December 1967, he was born in Shucheng County of Anhui province. He graduated from Anhui Science and Technology University in 1989. He graduated from the Department of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine of Anhui Science and Technology University. Now he is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Yangzhou University. He has introduced talents from high level innovation and Entrepreneurship in Henan Province and the top six talents in Jiangsu province.

Chen Xian Zhong Male, head of Anhui, Communist Party member and doctoral student. In 2002, he graduated from the specialty of agricultural products storage and processing (now in food science and Engineering), and then took the master's degree in fermentation engineering of Jiangnan University. After graduating from the master's degree in 2004, he recommended a Ph.D. graduate student directly from Professor Zhuge Jian, a famous Chinese fermentation engineering and industrial microbiology expert. At present, it is mainly involved in the implementation of the national "eleven. Five" 863 exploratory topic: the construction of new recombinant Industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its high-strength and high-density ethanol fermentation. With second inventors applying for invention patents, 8 papers have been published or employed in SCI and domestic core journals, and have won the title of outstanding three good students and Cargill social scholarships and comprehensive scholarships.

Wen Qing Chen Male, a native of Nanling, Anhui, Ph. D., graduated from the agricultural products storage and processing specialty in 1999 (now in food science and Engineering). In 2004, he graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University with a master's degree in microbiology. In 2005, he was a Ph.D. in the school of life science and technology of Shanghai Jiao Tong University from academician of the famous Chinese microbiologist Deng Zixin (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences, distinguished professor of Yangtze River Scholar Award Scheme). Now he is working in the Key Laboratory of microbial metabolism, Ministry of education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Xu Hua Male, Han nationality, born in October 1965, Anhui Feidong, joined the work in July 1986, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1989, graduated from Graduate School of agriculture, and graduated from Anhui Agricultural Technology Teachers College. He is currently the first Secretary of the Party committee of Changfeng county Party committee and the county people's armed forces Committee.