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Anhui Polytechnic University

Anhui Engineering University is a provincial multi-disciplinary higher education institution and a key construction institution in Anhui province. It is the first pilot institution of comprehensive reform in Anhui Province, and the experimental unit of reform and innovation in the comprehensive innovation and reform pilot system in Anhui. It is the governing body of the UNESCO China Entrepreneurship Education Alliance, the member unit of innovation and entrepreneurship education branch of the Higher Education Association of the Ministry of education, and the member unit of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of Chinese universities. National innovation and entrepreneurship training program for College Students Ministry of Education New engineering research and practice project

The history of school running began in 1935, which was founded in 1935 by Anhui private senior high school. It has been run by Wuhu electric machinery manufacturing school (formerly the first country's Ministry of mechanical industry), Wuhu machinery school, Anhui Electromechanical institute, Anhui University of Technology and Science and so on. In 2010, it was renamed Anhui Engineering University.

As of August 2018, the school covers an area of 1700 mu, with a total area of 50 square meters of school buildings and a total value of 280 million yuan for teaching and research instruments and equipment. There are 13 two level colleges with 70 undergraduate specialties, 12 academic degrees, one master degree, 24 academic degrees two, master's degree, 4, and master's degree.

Historical evolution

In September 1935, the Spanish Catholic Jesus Association founded a private higher education school in Anhui.

In September 1938, it was renamed Wuhu private inner think high school and was suspended in the war of resistance against Japan.

In 1945, the school resumed.

In February 1946, it was renamed the private Wuhu inner industrial vocational school.

In April 1949, it was renamed as private Wuhu inner industrial vocational school.

In February 1951, the Wuhu municipal vocational school (Engineering) was merged into the school and renamed the Wuhu Industrial School in southern Anhui.

In October 1952, Wuhu industrial workers' school was merged into the mechanical part of Anqing senior industrial vocational school, and the Wuhu Industrial Vocational School of Anhui province was established, under the leadership of the former Anhui provincial industrial department.

In October 1955, it was renamed Wuhu electric power school.

In August 1958, the school machinery division was merged with Anhui Administration Institute to set up Anhui Industrial College (later renamed Anhui Polytechnic), and supported the establishment of Hefei chemical school and Huainan chemical school.

In March 1959, it was renamed Wuhu electrical machinery manufacturing school.

In July 1960, it was renamed as Wuhu electric machinery manufacturing school, and 1 classes of electrical equipment specialty of industrial enterprises were recruited.

In August 1961, the college class was incorporated into the Anhui Institute of technology. The school was renamed the Wuhu electrical machinery manufacturing school. In September, 1 classes of Hefei Radio School and Wuhu Dang Tu school were merged into schools.

In July 1962, the school changed its name to the former first Department of mechanical industry. It was renamed the Wuhu electrical machinery manufacturing school. In September, some students from the aviation school merged into the school.

In 1966, enrollment was stopped because of the "Cultural Revolution".

In March 1969, the school was delegated to Wuhu, under the leadership of the former Wuhu machinery and Electronic Industry Bureau. In November, the school was transformed into the Dongfang red motor factory and a school of electrical machinery manufacturing.

In 1971, secondary vocational school students were resumed.

In September 1972, the electrical machinery manufacturing School of Dongfang red motor factory was renamed Wuhu mechanical school.

In July 1973, Dongfang red motor factory was rebuilt into Wuhu electric machinery manufacturing school, headed by the former Anhui machinery office.

In 1977, as a teaching point of HeFei University of Technology, full-time undergraduate students began to be enrolled.

In December 1978, approved by the State Council, it was upgraded to a full-time undergraduate college. It was renamed Anhui electromechanical college.

In May 19, 1984, the China standardized management cadre academy was approved by the State Economic Commission, under the leadership of the former National Bureau of standards, and jointly run with the Anhui Institute of electrical and mechanical engineering, and led by a unified leadership. It shared the short-term training tasks of the two year cadres and the single subject training, the short-term single training, the organization of standardized teaching and scientific research activities, and from 1985, the University specialties and two bachelors undergraduate students in the standard chemistry department were recruited.

In 1986, Anhui electrical and Mechanical College moved to the East Road of ocher Hill. In June, the Anhui Provincial People's government decided to restore Wuhu mechanical school at its original site (in June 2003, it was renamed Anhui mechanical and electrical Career Technical College).

In 1996, Anhui Institute of electrical and mechanical engineering passed the qualified evaluation of the undergraduate course of the former National Education Commission.

In December 2001, it was renamed Anhui University of Technology and Science.

At the end of 2007, excellent grades were obtained in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of education.

In March 2010, it was renamed Anhui Engineering University.

In January 2013, it was selected as a national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program.

In July 2014, the Ministry of education was selected as the typical experience of the national graduate employment.

In 2015, it was awarded the first batch of pilot institutions in Anhui province.

In 2016, the Anhui provincial system was approved to push forward the reform and innovation of the comprehensive innovation and reform pilot institutions.

In March 2018, the Ministry of education was awarded the first batch of new engineering research and practice projects.

In June 2019, the school was approved as "the first civilized campus in Anhui province".

Discipline construction

As of August 2018, there were 12 academic degrees, 24 master degrees and two academic degrees.

The master's degree and master's degree degrees include 4 authorized categories, 5 Master's degree authorized areas, 1 major construction disciplines in Anhui, and 6 key disciplines in Anhui.

Master degree in academic degree : Mechanical Engineering, materials science and engineering, control science and engineering, textile science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, food science and engineering, management science and engineering, fine arts, design, chemistry, bioengineering, software engineering.

Master degree of two degree in academic degree : industrial economics, Marx's basic principles, ideological and political education, sports humanities and sociology, applied mathematics, microbiology, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, materials science, materials processing engineering, control theory and control engineering, testing technology and automation, computer application technology, textile materials and textile design, textile chemistry and dyeing and finishing engineering, clothing design and engineering, environmental science, environmental engineering, food science, agricultural products processing and storage engineering, applied mechanics and engineering structure, financial engineering, creative industry and social management, Chinese and foreign design culture

Authorization category for master's degree Engineering, public administration, art, finance

Master's degree authorization domain : Mechanical Engineering, material engineering, control engineering, textile engineering, bioengineering.

Major construction disciplines in Anhui Control science and Engineering

Key disciplines in Anhui Machinery manufacturing and automation, testing technology and automation, textile engineering, fermentation engineering, management science and engineering, and design art.

Faculty strength

As of August 2018, there were nearly 1300 faculty members, of whom more than 1000 full-time teachers. The school has hired a group of scholars including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of the Academy of engineering as part-time professors to introduce high-level talents such as "Changjiang Scholars" as the leading talents in the discipline. More than 50 people have been selected as teaching masters in Anhui, academic and technological leaders in Anhui, top-notch talents, and academic leaders in Colleges and universities, and have 8 Anhui teaching teams.

A new talent in Anhui Gong Bengang, Qu Chengming, Chu long Liu, Dong Jinquan, GUI Yun Miao, Gao Jiangang, Wang Yong, Yang Renchun, Wei Lisheng, Wei Lisheng, Kuo, Kun, Kuo, Kuo, Kuo, Kuo, Kuo, Wang, Wang Kui e

Famous teachers in Anhui Zhou Mingzheng, Gan Hong, Zhang Guangsheng, Fei Wei, silver, Xu Desheng, Wu Zhichuan, Li Zhen, Ling Youzhu, Chen Yuedong, Chen Yuedong, man, man, man, woman, man, woman, man, woman, man, woman, etc.

Teaching construction

As of August 2018, the school had 3 state-level special features, 1 state-level professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, 1 state-level university students' practical education bases, 15 professional specialties in Anhui, 15 professional comprehensive reform pilot projects in Anhui, 8 practical education bases in Anhui Province, 8 10 demonstration laboratories in Anhui, 2 2 virtual simulation experimental teaching centers in Anhui, 9 9 professional transformation and new professional construction sites in Anhui, 3 3 talents training programs in Anhui Province, and 42 excellent courses in Anhui province.

National characteristic specialty Mechanical design and manufacture, automation, automation and art design.

National specialty comprehensive reform pilot program Automation

National University Students' off campus practice education base Anhui Engineering University Anhui Xinlong electrical appliance Limited by Share Ltd Engineering Practice Education Center

Anhui Characteristic Specialty : Textile Engineering, art and design, applied chemistry, environmental engineering, computer science and technology, English, administration, measurement and control technology and instruments, light chemical engineering, industrial design, international economy and trade, fashion design and engineering, machinery design, manufacture and automation.

Anhui professional comprehensive reform pilot program : automation, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, applied chemistry, art and design, computer science and technology, administration, electronic information engineering, business administration, information management and information systems, bioengineering, English, clothing and clothing design, environmental design, environmental engineering, electronic information science and technology.

Anhui province school enterprise cooperation practical education base : automation professional school enterprise cooperation practice base, biological professional innovation and entrepreneurship education base, management discipline practice teaching base, textile engineering school enterprise cooperation practical education base, Anhui Engineering University Chery dickay heavy industry Anhui Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd. management school enterprise cooperation practice teaching base, garment design and engineering school enterprise cooperation practical education base, Anhui Engineering University Dali software technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. practice education base, Anhui Engineering University Anhui fortune Polytron Technologies Inc school enterprise cooperation practical education base

Anhui demonstration experiment training center : teaching practice center of chemical and environmental specialty, teaching practice and training base of biotechnology, mechanical basic laboratory, mechanical and material engineering practice training base, engineering training center, textile engineering practice training center, mechanical experiment teaching demonstration center, computer and information college innovation and practice training center, automobile engineering virtual simulation experiment teaching center, Textile Technology Experiment Center

Anhui virtual simulation experimental teaching center Virtual Experiment Teaching Center for electronic, electrical and intelligent information, virtual experiment teaching center for biochemical engineering

Professional transformation and new specialty construction in Anhui Software engineering, civil engineering, process equipment and control engineering, financial engineering, metal material engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, digital media art, and Internet of things engineering.

Education and training plan for outstanding talents in Anhui : outstanding engineer plan for civil engineering specialty, education and training plan for outstanding engineers in electronic information engineering, education and training plan for outstanding engineers in software engineering.