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Anhui Normal University

Anhwei Normal University (Anhui Normal University), known as AHNU, is located in Anhui province. Wuhu City It was founded in 1928, and in the period of the Republic of China. National Anhui University Taking the same pulse is the first comprehensive university in the history of higher education in Anhui province.

School is Anhui Provincial People's Government And Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Co construction of universities, selected countries " Infrastructure construction of universities in the central and Western Regions "," Excellent teacher training program "Yes. Anhui higher education revitalization program The first four "local characteristics" High level University "Construction projects" and "high level university award and supplement fund projects" support one of the universities. The first batch of the whole country is accepted. Public expense come Hua Overseas student Qualified universities and the first batch of universities in China Master's degree Granting units, Chinese government scholarship to receive international students in China First batch Ministry of Civil Affairs The training center for social work professionals, the national Chinese education base and the Anhui Chinese International Promotion Center have the following characteristics: associate professor Self trial power and Recommended exempt Postgraduates Qualification is also a comprehensive priority for Anhui's priority construction. Provincial Key Universities

The predecessor of the school was founded in 1928. Anqing City Of Provincial Anhui University Renamed in 1946 National Anhui University 1949 Organizational system Move to Wuhu. After Anhui normal college and Hefei normal college, Wannan University Several stages of running schools such as Anhui industrial and Agricultural University. In 1972, approved by the State Council, it was officially named Anhwei Normal University. In 2005, the Wuhu normal school integrated into Anhwei Normal University.

As of March 2018, there were two campuses of ocher and Huajin in the school. The total area of the campus is 1 million 952 thousand and 500 square meters, the construction area is 984 thousand and 700 square meters, and the total value of the equipment is 545 million yuan. There are more than 294 books and over 700 ancient books. There are 8. Doctorate Authorized first level discipline, 29. Master's degree Authorized first level disciplines, 14 professional degree empowerment points, 5 post doctoral mobile stations, 18 provincial key disciplines, 3 provincial discipline construction major projects, 88 undergraduate majors.

Historical evolution

Provincial Anhui University

In 1928, Anqing City Create provincial Anhui University

In 1939, when the war of resistance against Japan broke out, the former capital of Anqing was occupied and the school was forced to close down.

National Anhui University


46 years, renamed National Anhui University Famous scholars Yao Yong Pu , Liu Wen Dian , Wang Xing Gong , Cheng Sheng Sheng , Tao Yin , Chen Wangdao , Ding Xu Xian , founding member of the Creation Society , Zhou Yu Tong , Lu Simian , Zhang Yi , Jian Ren Zhou He has taught or chaired school administration here.

In 1949, the construction system was moved. Wuhu After experience Anhui Normal College , Hefei Normal University , Wannan University ( Liu Shaoqi Inscribe the name of the school) Anhui industrial and Agricultural University And so on.

Anhui Normal College

In 1954, the decision of the national administration of Anhui University and the Higher Education Bureau of East China Administrative Committee decided that the name and system of Anhui University should be revoked. Its agricultural colleges and teachers' colleges were independent. Anhui Agricultural College (now Anhui Agriculture University ), Anhui teachers' college.

Anhwei Normal University

In 1972, approved by the State Council, it was officially named Anhwei Normal University. Guo Moruo Inscribe the name of the school.

In 2005, Wuhu Normal School The whole is incorporated into Anhwei Normal University.

In 2011, on the Chinese Internet, it was rated as one of the ten most beautiful universities in China.

In 2012, Anhwei Normal University became a country. " Infrastructure construction of universities in the central and Western Regions " The key is to build colleges and universities. 985 Project , 211 Project After the third national key university construction projects.

In 2013, Anhwei Normal University became Anhui Provincial People's Government And Ministry of Education Build a university together.

In 2013, the school became Anhui higher education revitalization program "Local characteristics High level University Construction project construction and construction of colleges and universities.

In May 3, 2013, the school was selected as the first training base for the Ministry of civil affairs. In May 6th, it was appraised by the Ministry of education as " Typical experience of graduates employment in China "

In November 2018, the Ministry of Education announced the first batch of the list of excellent Chinese traditional culture heritage bases, which was selected by Anhwei Normal University.

In April 4, 2019, School of pre school education, Anhwei Normal University The first school of pre-school education was set up by the higher education system of Anhui province.

Cultural tradition

School Logo

School motto

Moral integrity, teaching and learning

School song

In October 31, 2012, Anhwei Normal University reopened the Anhwei Normal University's predecessor, the Anhui University's school song, as the Anhwei Normal University school song at the forty-first autumn games in 2012. The lyric writer is Professor of Huaining and former president of Anhui University. Cheng Sheng Sheng The composer is the founder of modern Chinese music. Xiao you Mei In 1933, Anhui University's school song was approved by the school committee of the provincial Anhui University.

The full text of the lyrics is as follows:

Dive Yue, Jianghuai Tang. Xia Shang Zhao Kai, Yong Rong Han Tang.

The culture is diverse and the nation is prosperous. Many of them are at the top.

Dive Yue, Jianghuai Tang. Cherish the memory of sages, Guan Zhong Meng Zhuang.

Govan was famous for his studies. Many of them are at the top.

Cheng Yansheng, the author of this song, is Anhui. Huaining In early years, people studied in Britain, France, Japan and other countries. After returning to China, they taught in Peking University, Jinan University and Anhui University. In 1928, the provincial Anhui University formally established, because the current situation was turbulent. By 1932, only five years after the establishment of Anhui University, it faced the situation of internal and external troubles, shortage of funds, and nearly a pause in school affairs. When President Cheng Yansheng was sent to the crisis, he actively raised funds and appointed professors to build school buildings. For a while, scholars from Anhui University gathered and the weather became very clear.

The composer for this school song is called the founder of Chinese modern music by music historians. Xiao you Mei Sir, he was a colleague of President Cheng Yansheng in Peking University. When Mr. Xiao Youmei received this lyric, he read the grand and vigorous ancient verses. He was moved by the solemn meaning and profound implication of Anhui classical Chinese allusions. He immediately composed four choruses for him. Since then, the school song of this provincial Anhui University has been sung by many students.

Mass organization

As of June 2014, the student organizations of Anhwei Normal University include: Anhwei Normal University student union, Anhwei Normal University student union association and so on. The student union will set up seventeen student branches, including the student branch of the Anhwei Normal University college. The Federation of student societies is responsible for the daily liaison and management of student associations. It is a bridge and link between student associations and schools.

As of June 2014, there were six major student associations in Anhwei Normal University, of which 43 were student societies: theoretical learning, social science, academic science and technology, literature and art, physical fitness and public service.