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Anhui Agricultural University

Anhui Agriculture University is located in Hefei, capital of Anhui province. Center Urban area Key universities in Anhui By Ministry of agriculture and rural People's Republic of China State Forestry and grassland Bureau and Anhui Provincial People's Government The three parties jointly build up the country. Infrastructure construction of universities in the central and Western Regions , Excellent engineer education and training plan 2 , Excellent agricultural and forestry talents education and training plan Implementing universities, becoming Anhui higher education revitalization program The first batch of four "local characteristics high level university construction project" and "high level university award and supplement fund project" one of the universities. Recommended exempt Postgraduates Qualification and associate professor The right of self trial is the first one in Anhui provincial universities. key state laboratories The first one. Joint Laboratory for international cooperation The first one. National Technology Transfer Center And other national level technological innovation Platform, cover Ministry of Education Listed as Chinese government scholarship to receive international students in China

The predecessor of Anhui Agriculture University was founded in 1928 in Anqing, the former capital city. Provincial Anhui University 1939 cause Counter-Japanese War The outbreak was forced to shut down and rebuilt in 1945. National Anhui University Independence in 1954 Anhui Agricultural College In 1979, it became the first authorized master's degree unit in the country, and was renamed Anhui Agriculture University in 1995. In 1998, it was approved by the State Council as the authorized unit of doctoral degree, and it was approved in 2003. center for post-doctoral studies In 2013, it became one of the four top universities supported by Anhui province.

As of May 2019, there were 19 colleges, 80 undergraduate courses, 5 postdoctoral research stations, 8 first level disciplines, doctoral degrees, 24 first level master's degree authorization points, 7 master's degree authorization points, and 22100 full-time full-time students (including 155 international students), including 3307 master's degree and doctoral candidates. 1783 staff members are in service. professor , associate professors, etc. technical position There are 715 people, more than 800 doctoral candidates and master's degree tutors. There are 11 national level talents and 21 provincial level talents.

Historical evolution

Anhui Agriculture University is a provincial key university with a long history, a wide range of disciplines and a wide range of social influence. It was founded in 1928 (17 years in Republic of China) in Anqing. Provincial Anhui University

Anhui University

In 10 (1921) September, Xu Shi Ying When he was governor of Anhui, he moved to construct Anhui University. Time law specialist Cai Xiao Zhou Also organized the "Anhui University Cheng Hui".

In 15 (1926) October, the new governor Gao Shi Du Decides to continue to organize the Anhui University. Yao Yong Pu Set up a preparatory office for the headmaster. After the Northern Expeditionary Army, the preparations were suspended.

In 16 (1927) September, the provincial government employed Yu Yi Mei , Hu Chun Lin , Zhang Qing Bai , Tang Zhi Xian , Lei Xiao Chen , Liu Wen Dian Wu Chengzong, Liao Fangxin, Chang Hui Hui Liu Fu and Wu Shan formed the Preparatory Committee of Anhui University. Liu Wen Dian Director of the Preparatory Committee of the school of Arts and director of the Preparatory Committee of the Institute of technology, Wu Chengzong. Han an Director of the Preparatory Committee of the agricultural college.

The founding of Anhui University

In the 17 year (1928) of February, the preparatory college students were enrolled in the preparatory course.

Another part of the house is the tin Kok Street St. church, which houses a classroom and a library. In August of that year, the Preparatory Committee pushed forward. Liu Wen Dian For the principal and preparatory officer, 96 undergraduates of grammar school were enrolled. In November of the same year, there was a contradiction between Ann university student and Anqing girl. Jiang Jieshi When he came to Anqing, Chiang listened to one side of the women's side, and summoned Liu Wendian immediately. Liu spoke up and was arrested, and soon he was forced to leave Anqing for Nanjing. Agricultural academy preparatory Officer Han an Because of this wave of resignation, the agricultural college is preparing to drop out.

In the 18 year (1929) of the Republic of China in January, the province ordered the reception and reorganization of Anhui University, the original Preparatory Committee was revoked, and the provincial education director was appointed. Cheng Tian Fang As head of the school, he became a member of the school. He reorganized the personnel and arranged his own confidant. The way of Cheng had raised objections from the teachers and students of the University. In the same spring, the students of the University of Anqing promoted the academic drive to expel Cheng Tianfang under the organization of the Party committee of the Communist Party of China. After that, Cheng Tianfang and reactionary authorities suppressed the betrayal of the betrayal. Cheng, too, was strongly opposed by the public opinion because of the arrest of the progressive student, and he could not quit his part-time job as president of the University in June 1929. The provincial government hired in June. Wang Xing Gong Wang Xinggong, a successor principal, divided the original law school into a liberal arts college and a law school.

In 19 (1930) June, Wang Xinggong resigned and appointed the province. Yang Liang Gong For the headmaster. According to the Ministry of education, Yang changed the name of the school to Anhui provincial Anhui University. It's an annual preparatory student. In the 20 year (1931) of July, Yang Lianggong resigned and was acting president by He Lu. In the 21 year (1932) of April, he resigned. Cheng Sheng Sheng The successor principal. It was because of the no longer renewal of the Episcopal Church housing (i.e. one hospital site) and the flood that the school funding was extremely difficult. President Cheng went all the way to establish a school board to help raise funds for the establishment of the school.

In 23 years (1934) January, Cheng Sheng principal resigned from Fu copper successor, Hu Mu Mu served as chief of affairs. Owing to the difficulty of funds, the law school was abolished by the Ministry of education. The former political and economic departments were incorporated into the liberal arts college to serve as the Department of politics and economics. All the students of law department Wang Beiping (now Beijing) read the University. In the same year, another agricultural college was set up. Shun Qing Li For the preparatory officer.

In 24 years (1935), the president of Fu copper resigned. Shun Qing Li Instead. After his appointment as president, Li Shunqing ended the Department of politics and economics, set up an agricultural college and set up a department of Agronomy, marking the birth of the Agricultural College of Anhui University, the predecessor of Anhui agricultural college. When the new school building was built, the school moved in.

In June 1936, the Agricultural College added the Department of agricultural economics.

In June 1937, the Agricultural College added a forest department. So far, the agricultural college has set up a department of Agronomy, agriculture, forestry and forestry.

The first Dean of the College of agriculture, Anhui University (formerly Anhui agricultural college, Anhui Agriculture University). Shun Qing Li (Li Shunqing, Bachelor of forestry, Nanjing Jinling University, Ph. D., botany, University of Chicago)

The provincial Anhui University is a crystallization of the development of Anhui's higher education in the light of the national revolution. It is the only higher institution in Anhui in the early years of the Republic of China.

The provincial Anhui University is closed.

During the 26 years of Anti Japanese war in 1937, the Japanese army invaded China with great difficulty.

Next year (1938) Shun Qing Li Most of the faculty members left school automatically, and the school affairs were temporarily represented by Wang Hongfa, the dean of the agricultural college. In view of the chaos in the school affairs, the provincial government gave birth to Wang as the acting principal, straighten out the school affairs and prepare for withdrawal. Wang Qian's detention teachers and students withdraw to Lu'an, and they intend to resume the Agricultural College in Huoqiu farm.

Soon, Lu'an and Huoqiu were in urgent need of the plan, and then moved to Huang Huang (now Jinzhai county). Meanwhile, they sent people to Hankou to set up their ending storage office. After the Hankou was in urgent need, the school was evacuated to Shashi (located in Hubei, now the central city of Jingzhou). It was planned to resume school in Shashi. In Chongqing, President Wang Hung FA took over the formalities with the provincial government's office in Chongqing and the provincial education department in Chongqing.

So far, after more than 10 years of construction, in the 28 year (1939) of the Republic of China (1939), a considerable scale of the provincial Anhui University was forced to close because of the invasion of Japanese imperialism.

Reconstruction of national Anhui University

In the 34 year (1945) of August, the war of resistance against Japan was won. The newly established provincial security university has been recognized by Anhui after the Japanese invaders were forced to close.

The disciples did not hesitate to lament. After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, the relevant professors and professors in the province called on the Ministry of education to resume the Anhui University and request it to become a state.

In the 35 year of 1946 (1946), the Ministry of education of the national government decided to resume the Anhui University. Zhu Guangqian , Tao Yin , Cheng Sheng Sheng , Yang Liang Gong 12 people set up the Preparatory Committee of Anhui University in Nanjing in April 20th. First of all, the Ministry of education. Zhu Guangqian As chief of the committee, Zhu Jian's speech was subsequently changed. Tao Yin Chief executive.

In April 1946, Anhui University reopened in Anqing and was named "national Anhui University". In May, the preparatory committee moved to Anqing. In June, it began to receive the original Provincial School of Li An, and began to repair and purchase teaching aids. In September, new students were recruited, including the former Anhui College (Li Huang County) students.

In October 1946, Qi Jian Lu He applied for the post of the dean of the agricultural college, and received two departments from the southern Anhui Branch of the Anhui college. There were 3 departments of agriculture, forestry and horticulture. At that time, there were less than 20 teachers in the whole college, and there was a shortage of instruments and equipment. Qi Jianru, a Bachelor of forestry in Nanjing Jinling University, a specialist in forest science, Mingxing University, Germany, has been a member of the Agricultural Education Committee of the Ministry of education of Nanjing.

In November 11, 1946, the national Anhui University officially opened. Tao Yin In the 4 National Institutes of culture, law, science and agriculture, there are 10 departments and preparatory courses in Chinese, foreign languages, history, philosophy, politics, economics, law, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

The national Anhui University has the reputation of "being in Beijing and Shanghai, second only to Tongji University in Shanghai". Ministry of education of the Republic of China

Relocation to Wuhu

37 years of the Republic of China (1947) Tao Yin Resignation, Yang Liang Gong The successor principal.

In the spring of 38 years (1948), the PLA troops came to Anqing, and the Ministry of education ordered Jiangxi to move to anda. Zhang Xiao Liang Dean of Agricultural College Qi Jian Lu With the support of Professor Hu Zimu and Professor Wang Yisun and other progressive professors, he refused to move.

In the 38 year (1949) of the Republic of China (1949), at the end of March, surrounded by the people's Liberation Army, the headmaster Yang Lianggong fled alone, and the school was founded. Zhang Xiao Liang The leading school maintenance committee organizes teachers and students to protect schools and welcome liberation.

In April 23, 1949, Anqing was liberated, and under the leadership of the military Regulatory Commission, the Council of the University was formally established by Zhang Xiao Liang as the chairman. In June, Jin Shuhong, the chief military officer of the Nanjing military Regulatory Commission, and deputy representatives Li Hongmo, Zheng Yulin and Zhu Quan took over 4.

In the middle of July 1949, the Yangtze River flooded, and the protection of Anqing city collapsed, and all the Anhui University buildings were flooded.

In October 1949, under the decree of the Ministry of culture and education of the East China Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the national Anhui University moved from Anqing to Wuhu and merged with the Anhui Provincial College to form a new Anhui University.

In December 4, 1949, the new Anhui University was founded in Wuhu's ocher Hill (the site of today's Anhwei Normal University's School of ocher Hill Campus). It abolished the college system, and set up 12 departments: literature, history, education, law, economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, horticulture, agronomy, forestry and civil engineering. It became the only comprehensive university in Anhui province.

Adjustment of departments

In 1950-1953 years, the adjustment of colleges and universities in the whole country. Anhui University has undergone three changes in departments.

For the first time in September 1950, the Department of civil engineering and art department adjusted and merged. Nanjing University

The second time was in September 1952, according to the adjustment plan of the institutions of higher learning in East China and relevant regulations, the tea specialty of Fudan University. Nanjing University and university of nanking (now Nanjing University Some teachers and students from the sericulture profession were transferred to Anhui University, and the Department of economics of Anhui University was transferred to the Department of economics. Fudan University The law is transferred to East China University Of Politics and Law. East China University of politics and law ) the 1953 and 1954 grade two students of horticultural department are transferred to Zhejiang Agricultural College (now Zhejiang University )

The third summer vacation in 1953. Jiangsu Normal College (now Soochow University The Department of chemistry was transferred to the Department of chemistry, Anhui University, and transferred to East China Normal University at the Department of mathematics, physics, education and history of Anhui University, grade three.

After three departmental adjustments, Anhui University was transformed from a University of Arts, science, agriculture and engineering into a university with only majors in agriculture, forestry and normal education, which had a major impact on the development of higher education in Anhui. The Anhui University is composed of two colleges, namely, teachers' College and agricultural college.

Independent education

In February 1954, the Ministry of education of the Central People's Government transmitted Government Administration Institute (resolution of the State Council): "the name and organizational system of Anhui University should be revoked. Its normal college and agricultural college are independent. Anhui Normal College (Anhwei Normal University today) Anhui Agricultural College (now Anhui Agriculture University).

In April 1954, according to the decision of the provincial government, the Anhui Agricultural College moved from Wuhu to Hefei. There were 2 departments of agriculture and forestry, 2 specialties of tea and silkworm.

Initial development

The establishment of Anhui agricultural college has been concerned and valued by the CPC Central Committee and Anhui provincial leaders. Vice chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Zhu De Zhang Yunyi, member of the CPC Central Committee, member of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of agriculture and reclamation. Communist military guerrilla leader and political commissar He visited the hospital in 1963, 1958 and 1959 and made important instructions.

In 1957, the Journal of Anhui Agricultural College (today's Journal of Anhui Agriculture University NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION) was published.

After the climax of agricultural cooperation in 1956, the "great leap forward" in 1958, the whole hospital in 1960 developed to 9 departments, 16 specialties, 3 specializations and 1 specialized specialties, with more than 1900 students in school, five times more than 1954 built alone.

In the autumn of 1961, we carried out the eight principles policy of "adjustment, consolidation, enrichment and improvement" put forward by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Sixty colleges and Universities The academy has correspondingly compressed the scale, adjusted the specialty settings, and stopped some new majors. The school has abolished the Department of agricultural physics and its specialty in agricultural physics, agricultural meteorology, specialization of horticultural departments and their vegetables, agricultural machinery manufacturing specialty and electro gasification specialty of the agricultural machinery department, special economic forest specialty of forestry department, wood processing technology specialty of forestry industry department, specialization and breeding specialization of Agronomy department, and subsequently abolished Forest Industry Department, and wood processing specialty also stopped enrollment. At the same time, the principle of "teaching first and quality first" is implemented, and the work since 1958 has been comprehensively summarized, and the deviation of "left" has been corrected. The teaching order is relatively stable, and the teaching quality is obviously improved. While doing well in teaching, we should actively carry out scientific research and academic activities in the light of the principles of serving agricultural production and combining scientific research work. In 1962 alone, 77 scientific research projects were carried out, 56 achieved notable progress or initial results, 267 academic activities were carried out, and more than 40 papers were published in foreign publications.

In 1965, there were 6 departments and 10 specialties in the whole school.

Decentralization and relocation

The Cultural Revolution broke out in 1966. In May, the whole school was closed.

In November 1968, the provincial Revolutionary Committee decided to move to rural schools in Anhui agricultural college. In December of the same year, Annong bid farewell to the campus and set foot on the boundless journey. The school was divided into three. The general hospital was located in the countryside of Sulu Lake in Suxian county. The two branches were set up in Shahe and Fengyang, Chu county. At this point, the school embarked on the difficult course of decentralization.

During the "Cultural Revolution", the college was disintegrated for three to 10 years, and the enrollment of 4 years was stopped. This resulted in the serious consequences of Anhui's agricultural science and technology and management personnel. The former school premises and land were occupied by the external units, and the loss of teaching aids, books and instruments and equipment was serious.

The Cultural Revolution ended in 1976. Immediately after the resumption of the school, the college vigorously carried out the work of rectifying and rebuilding.

Since 1977, we have resumed the enrollment of this college and junior college, and have conducted various training courses and training courses, and have been commissioned to recruit some part time students at their own expense.

Return to Hefei

In April 1978, he was Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and old Red Army. Zhang Jing Wu Comrade and 7 Party members and cadres joined in the letter, then Vice Premier of the State Council. Communist military guerrilla leader and political commissar Comrades, they want to return the school premises and land of Anhui Agricultural College in Hefei, that is, the site of Anhui Agriculture University.

In June 23, 1978, the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the Central Military Commission Luo Rui Qing Report this. In June 26th, he was vice chairman of the Military Commission. Deng Xiaoping Written instructions: "agree."

In the autumn of 1978, in October, Annong people embarked on the road of rejoice with joy. In November 18th of the same year, the auditorium of the school held a grand ceremony to celebrate the return of Hefei and 78 new students' opening ceremony.

In 1979, Anhui agricultural college was approved as the first batch of national master degree authorization units, and began to recruit graduate students.

Since 1981, the bachelor's degree conferring power has been granted to all of the undergraduate specialties. It has the right to grant master's degrees for 7 disciplines, including tea, wood science, crop genetics and breeding, crop cultivation and cultivation, sericulture, plant pathology and entomology.

There are 21 specialties and 3 specialties in the Department: agronomy, seed and soil farming 3 specialties; 4 departments of food science, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and freshwater aquaculture in the Department of pastoral medicine; 3 majors in tea, tea, economy and trade, and machinery making tea; 4 specialties in plant protection, plant pathology, and agricultural insects in the Department of forestry; 3 specialties in plant protection, plant pathology, and agricultural insects; 3 specialties and specialized specialties in landscaping, fruit trees and vegetables, and specialities in agricultural management and agronomy management cadres in the Department of agriculture and forestry, and sericulture in sericulture, and agricultural mechanization in agricultural machinery department. In 1985, the Academy set up 9

Renamed University

In 1994, 5 colleges were established. The school has taken a solid step forward from the direction of the single discipline towards the coordinated development of agriculture, industry, trade, management, literature and science.

In March 1995, the school was approved by the former National Education Commission. Anhui Agricultural College Renamed "Anhui Agriculture University". This is an important milestone in the history of school development, and it is also a new starting point for the journey.

Development in the new era

In October 2010, schools were listed by the Ministry of education. Chinese government scholarship to receive international students in China It has become one of the five universities in Anhui province that receive tuition fees from overseas students.

In December 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture And the Anhui Provincial People's government signed the agreement on cooperation and co construction of Anhui Agriculture University. Anhui Agriculture University has become the first provincial university in Anhui province.

In 2012, it was approved by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of science and technology to become one of the first ten universities in the country to build the New Rural Development Research Institute. Infrastructure construction of universities in the central and Western Regions Building universities.

Selected in 2013 Anhui higher education revitalization program The first batch of four "characteristic high level" universities and colleges.

In April 2014, the Anhui Provincial People's government and the State Forestry Administration Signing the agreement to jointly build Anhui Agriculture University, so Anhui Agriculture University became the first provincial government in Anhui and the two ministries and commissions of the state to build universities.

In October 2014, the school was under the Ministry of education and the Ministry of agriculture. State Forestry Administration Approval to become the first batch of countries Excellent agricultural and forestry talents education and training plan Project pilot universities.

In January 2015, the Ministry of science and technology jointly issued a notice with the Anhui Provincial People's government. "Anhui Agriculture University declared" State Key Laboratory of tea biology and resource utilization "Officially approved construction" became the first and only one in Anhui province. key state laboratories Provincial Colleges and universities.

Reference material:

Note 1:2018 March, approved by the first session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress. Institutional reform plan of the State Council Decide not to retain Ministry of Agriculture School is now Ministry of agriculture and rural areas Jointly build universities;

Note 2:2018 March, approved by the first session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress. Institutional reform plan of the State Council Decide not to retain State Forestry Administration The school is now building a university for the national forestry and grassland Bureau.