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An Zhongrong (- 942 years), Zi tie Hu, Shuozhou (now Shuozhou, Shanxi). The generals of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms during the late Tang Dynasty and the Late Jin Dynasty.

He has a lot of strength and skill. In the late Tang Dynasty, Changxin was called the Zhenwu patrol side command. Following Shi Jingyu, he was commissioned to become a German military commander. He knows all about officials and is diligent in politics.

In the seven years (942 years), Tianfu opposed the great Jin Zu of Shanxi to compromise with Khitan, and then began to fight against Jin and defeat.

Basic introduction

An Zhongrong (? - 942) The five generation Later Jin Dynasty Shuozhou (now Shuozhou). Small character iron Hu. There is strength in childhood. Riding fire Later Tang Dynasty Changxin During the year, Zhenwu Border patrol command He was almost killed in prison for committing a crime. Its mother goes to the East Luojing (today's Luoyang, Henan) Ming Dynasty in late Tang Dynasty Li Si Yuan Release the imperial edict. Shi Jing Fu The troops in Taiyuan sent people secretly to patrol. Thousand riding To Taiyuan. Shi Jingtang called the emperor, Town state (now Hebei Zhengding) Cheng De Jun governor of one or more provinces Although An Zhongrong is a martial arts man, he knows everything about literary officials and is diligent in government affairs during his tenure. Yes Great ancestors in the Late Jin Dynasty Shi Jingtang and Qidan About father and son, cession Sixteen clouds He thought that "the shame of this Jin Dynasty" has been reprimanded. Shi Jingtang was stubborn and did not listen to admonition. After he was defeated, he was defeated and killed.

Early deeds

Ann Chung Rong, born in the unknown year, died in Later Jin Dynasty Tianfu seven years (942 years), Xiao Hu, Shuozhou (now Shuozhou, Shanxi). The five generation Later, the military general of Jin Dynasty. Ann Chung Rong came from the world. Grandfather Ann worked in Yali prefecture (now Sichuan). Guangyuan ) Governor's history Father's safety officer, Zhi Zhenwu. Shanyu Protectorate Ma Bujun, northwest of Helingeer, Inner Mongolia) Command and command An important arm, Tang Zhenwu can serve as a good shot. Border patrol command Later Tang Dynasty Two years in Qing Dynasty (935 years), Taiyuan, Yin, Beijing left, Hedong governor of one or more provinces Three important posts Shi Jing Fu stay Jinyang In order to expand their strength, they took the post Tang Dynasty instead of sending the troops to secretly recruit them. After seeing the corruption and weakness of the Tang Dynasty, he lost all his heart and was defeated. He led more than 1000 cavalry to Taiyuan and threw it under the command of Shi Jinghu. peace Three years (936 years). Qidan main Yale Law He is the emperor of Tai Jin. After the establishment of the Jin State, an Chung Rong was awarded. Chengde Where treatment is located Town state This is Hebei's Zhengding military command.

Andrew Shing was smart and competent, and decided to be a martial artist. He paid attention to the government and worked hard in government affairs. Straight And decide according to law. As for the people Military service Taxation and warehouses Consumption and envy He is a master of books. In this way, colleagues and officials did not dare to take bribes and act in a wrong way.

An Chung Rong was started by a soldier and soon became famous. He witnessed Late Tang Dynasty emperors Li from Ke , Jin Gao Zu Shi Jing Fu The fact that soldiers rely on soldiers to become emperor is also growing. Usurpation and usurpation The heart once said to others, " Emperor It is better to be strong and strong than to be strong. When he was arrogant and domineering, he had an act of overriding, which was often resentful for the dignitaries of the kingdom.

Military background

Later Jin Dynasty Founding emperor Of Shi Jing Fu Knowing that you are in Qidan main Yale Law Only then did he ascend the throne. So, Shi Jingyu paid a new year's call to Yale, who was 11 years younger than himself. Father Emperor I am willing to work for myself. Puppet emperor At that time, the rulers of the Qidan headed by Yalu de Guang had been wantonly looting the various nationalities in the Northern Territory and wantonly looting, and coerced the young and middle-aged men of various tribes to have their own grain grain sticks, and threatened to join forces to enter the Central Plains. One of the minority people is unbearable of the cruel rule of Khitan and the harsh laws. Two of them feel that the invasion of the south is unjust and will fail. Tuyuhun , Sha Tuo , Turks The tribal chieftains, carrying all the young people, cattle and sheep, car accounts, and baggage, went through the mountains and rivers, leaving the danger to the Central Plains. The Yellow River Basin Tangut , Profit and profit The leaders of the tribe of the tribe of the tribe of the tribe of the tribe of Khitan also sent orders, edicts, flags, and so on to accuse the hardships of labor under the Qidan slavery, and hoped that the Jin Dynasty could unite the tribes and jointly fight for the Qidan. Sixteen clouds It is more urgent for the people to think of the Central Plains. Shuozhou governor of one or more provinces Zhao Chung United city's general school killed the fake governor. Liu Shan I also hope to return to the embrace of the Late Jin Dynasty. Ann Chung Rong was moaning. Qidan The people under the iron hoof are more sympathetic and supportive. He has attracted some minority tribes to enter the northern region. Yale Law Learn the matter and order immediately Shi Jing Fu They escorted these people back to Liao and asked him to punish the officials of the Ministry of protection.

Reasons for troops

Shi Jing Fu Get Yale Law The imperial decree was in a dilemma because he had a heavy hand and a strong attitude. If he was angry, the consequences would be unthinkable. Shi Jingtang could not be proud of his honour, but had to be sent to serve as an official. Zhang Cheng More than 2000 soldiers were led to expel the minority tribes who had lived in the area of Ho, Zhen, Xin and Dai (now in the central part of Shanxi and Western Hebei). However, the people of the minority nationalities went back and returned to Ann, and then they were put in place, arranged properly, and recruited in the right way to prepare for the war. At this time, Shi Jingyu came out of the imperial edict in succession. Qidan In accordance with the plan, no matter what circumstances, the Ministry of kings and ministers in the Late Jin Dynasty must abide by the agreement and serve diligently and diligently. Ann Chung Rong still had a glimmer of hope for Shi Jingyu, and he had a thousand words. Memorial to the throne Among them, one of the details is about the wave of resistance in Liao Dynasty, such as turbulent, tribes yearning for the Central Plains Dynasty, hoping to return to the heart, some of the tribes ventured to abandon the darkness. Shuozhou governor of one or more provinces The situation of defection. Strongly demanded that the court of the Jin Dynasty follow the people's feelings and seize the opportunity to fight for the Qidan. In this way, all tribes oppressed by Khitan will rise to respond. Later Jin will be able to win the battle, win the battle and win the national humiliation. In order to win more support from the public opinion, he also wrote the essentials of the memorials and circulated it to the Minister of civil affairs and the Sifang town in the later Jin Dynasty. Shi Jing Fu After reading the memorial memorials, he saw that he had been out of shape. Yecheng (now Hebei) Daming County In the northwest, even ten imperial edicts exhorted Ann Chung Rong, and he realized that Shi Jing-fu was always looking forward to selling the country and seeking glory.

Start rebellion

Later Jin Dynasty Tianfu six years (941 years) Shi Jing Fu North patrol Yecheng The capital is empty. An important book Shannan Road (where is the city of Xiangfan, Hubei) governor of one or more provinces An Ying Jin Let him rebel in order to form a North South attack. Ann moved from one army to another. This year, the drought and locust disaster were serious, and the people were in great distress. Andrew called on the Liao Dynasty, and soon gathered tens of thousands of hungry people to go to yedU, and declared that they wanted to see Shi Jingyu. Procession to Zong Cheng (now Hebei) Weixian County 30 Li), and those who came to suppress it. Du Chung Wei Ministry encountered. At the critical juncture of both sides, there is a contradiction between Su and Rong. Zhao Yan Zhi All of a sudden, he fell to the Jin army. He was caught off guard and defeated and fled. More than 2 officers and soldiers were scattered. Most of them were starved and killed. Only Ann Chung Ryan and more than 10 cavalry were able to survive. They use animal leather to make armor and mobilize the whole city and the army and the people to guard them. Town state City gate. The Duzhong group surrounded the town. In the days of Late Jin, the soldiers and soldiers in the towns and cities who fought against the enemy in the Late Jin Dynasty fought hard without any reinforcements or food shortages. Later, an important general was bought by the Jin army. He was brought into the city from the west water gate, and more than 2 soldiers were killed. Ann Chung wing led the only remaining. Tuyuhun Hundreds of cavalry retired to the city of tooth. Combining efforts Guard It failed because of hunger and exhaustion. An Chung Rong was captured by the Late Jin army. Shi Jing Fu He ordered the safety of his head to be cut down and put in a box. Father Emperor " Yale Law Merit time Tianfu seven years (942 years) the first month.

Posterity evaluation

Shi Jing Fu To win the throne, do not sell. National interests To recognize a thief as father, right Qidan The people of central plains were trapped in fire and water by giving up their duties, cutting the land and taking silk. In the Late Jin Dynasty, the emperor of Wen Chen only relied on his loyalty and took a clear-cut stand against the policy of surrender of Shi Jingya's servile servants. He denounced his traitorous acts of quench poison and quench his thirst, and protected all the people in the northern part of his country in an effort to restrain the arrogant ambition of the Khitan people. National integrity It is worth praising later generations.

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