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An Lushan

An Lushan (703 to 757 years). Yingzhou (today's Liaoning Chaoyang) Kang Name Rolling hill His father may be kang Hu people Mother A Stead S is a the turks Witch. According to legend, his mother did not give birth for many years, so he went to pray for Zai Shan (Turk Zan mountain as the God of war). He was born in Changan at the beginning of three (703).

The father of an Lu died early. He lived with his mother in the tribe of the Turks. Later, his mother was remarried to the brother of the Turkish General Anbo. In the early years of Kaiyuan, his family was scattered and scattered, and he bought the son's filial piety with the General Andrew. An Si Shun Ann fled together. Turks Then he went on to be brothers with an Si Shun and so on. LinkTrust Ming Lu Shan. An Lu Mountain is the Tang Dynasty. Separation of government and military power One of the founding fathers of the forces was also one of the chief culprits of the history of chaos, and established the regime of the Yan Dynasty.

Anlushan was very fat and blind, and he was dressed by his little eunuch for a long time. Because of his love for young children, two sons An Qing Xu Seeing Ann Lu's unkindness to himself, his heart resentment, and ordered eunuch's lucky eunuch. Li pig While dressing for him, he died by stabbing his abdomen, and the power of angon began to go downhill.

Paul Mauriat's History

Early experience

There was no surname in the name of Mount Lu. Mother A Stead S, a wizard of the Turkic people, takes Divination as his career. The pronouncing of the word "fighting war" by Turkic people is the name of Mount Lu. When he was a child, he lost his father and lived with his mother in the Turkic tribe.

In the early years of Kaiyuan, he fled with his son, general andando. Turks Andrew's second son, anzhen Festival, was arrested in the state of LAN, and brought two of them back. When he was more than 10 years old, he was ashamed to live with his brother and his father, Yan Yan. Agreed to be brothers with Ann Si Shun and others, will be named surname Ann. When he grew up, he became familiar with the six languages, and became a businessman who agreed on prices.

Join the army

Kaiyuan twenty years (732 years) Zhang Sheng Wei When he was in charge of Yusho, he was caught by Zhang Shougui. He asked him to prepare for his death. He shouted, "don't doctors want to destroy two tribes?" Why kill me! " Zhang Shougui saw that he was white and fat, and his language was strong and strong. He was ordered to capture the prisoners with his fellow townsman Shi Ming. They would be able to catch them on time if they went out, and promoted An Lushan to be a partial. Zhang Shougui always thinks that Ann Lu is too fat, and this person has always been awesome. Ann Lu Shan was famous for his bravery, and Zhang Shougui took him as his son.

Kaiyuan twenty-eight years (740 years), an Lu Mountain was appointed by Pinglu army and horse. He is intelligent and intelligent, and most people praise him. The court granted him the governor of the Ying State and the rank of Pinglu army. He used bribes to bribe officials and asked him to speak more good words for him in the court. Tang Xuanzong trusted him more.

In the first year of the Tianbao (742 years), Tang Xuanzong set up a knot in Pinglu, and appointed Ann Lu Shan as the agent of Yushi Zhongcheng and Pinglu Jiedu. After that, he could go to the court to play the role of Tang Xuanzong.

Tianbao three years (744 years), the replacement of an Lushan Bee width Ren Fan Yang Jie, Hebei interview, Pinglu army and so on. The interview made Zhang Lizhen often accept his bribe. After several years, he was disqualified from the government to make him honest and impartial. Li Lin Fu Once again, he caters to Tang Xuanzong, and they all talk about the good words of ANN Lu Shan. These are the courtiers whom Tang Xuanzong trusted, and Tang Xuanzong's affection for Ann Lu Shan is more firm.

Later, Ann Lu asked yang to become the adopted son of Yang Kuei Fei. He went to court to meet Tang Xuanzong first. favorite concubine of emperor Minghuang Tang Xuanzong felt strange and asked why. He answered, "the minister is a hu man, and the hu man puts his mother in front and puts his father behind him." Tang Xuanzong was very happy, so he ordered Yang Kuo's younger brothers and sisters to become brothers and sisters together with Ann Lu Shan.

Rapidly go up in the world

Tianbao six years (747 years), an Lushan promoted to a doctor. He often appointed Liu Luogu to enter the palace to play the role of government. Ann Lu Shan and Wang Hong are both doctors. Li Linfu served as prime minister, and no courtiers dared to violate court etiquette. He was deeply favored by Tang Xuanzong. He entered the palace and saw Tang Xuanzong not bending down. Li Linfu ordered King Wang to give a good service. Wang hurried forward and bowed and bowed. Whenever he talks with Li Linfu, Li Linfu always feels the mind of an Lushan and says it first.

I do not know, every time I see Li Linfu, even in the middle of winter, I am sweating with fear. Li Linfu received him in a mild language, led him to the seat of the Middle Library, and covered his body with his own robe, and he accepted it without any scruples, calling Li Linfu ten Lang. Liu Luogu came back from the court to report to him. He first asked, "what did he say?" If there is a good word, he will jump with joy. If only he said, "the doctor has to check carefully", he would go back to his bed and say, "Oh, I'm dead!" Li Gui Yan Tang Xuanzong used to imitate this scene, and he laughed and amused it.

An Lushan was fatter in his later years. He fell to his knees and weighed three hundred and thirty Jin. Whenever he walked, he could only lift his body with two shoulders up. While dancing in front of Tang Xuanzong, he moves like a whirlwind. The house he built was magnificent and gorgeous. He used gold and silver to make cages, baskets and so on. Tang Xuanzong came to the diligent building, and on the left of the seat stood a large screen with decorations of golden pheasant feathers. A wooden couch was placed on the left side of the screen so that he could sit and roll up or simply remove the curtain on the screen.

Tianbao ten years (751 years), an Lushan went to the palace to worship Tang Xuanzong, and asked for the river east section, Tang Xuanzong gave him. He has eleven sons: his eldest son. An Qing Emperor Ren Tai Bao Qing; the youngest son. An Qing Xu Ren Hong Lu Qing. An Qingzong also married the crown prince's daughter.

Plotting rebellion

An Lushan secretly prepared for the rebellion, and built the Xiong Wu City on the north side of Fan Yang County town. On the surface, it seemed to be a defensive invasion. In fact, it was the deployment of Fan Yang to store weapons and food. There were fifteen thousand horses, and cattle and sheep were equal to this number. He was in charge of Pinglu, Fan Yang and Hedong three towns together. He put Zhang Tong Lu Li Tingjian, Ping Li, Li Shi Yu Solo asked the vulgar to make her side. noble Presided over the secretaries and Liu Luogu lurked in Changan as an intelligence officer. An Zhong Zhong , Li Yuan Ren , Cai Xi De Niu Tingjie, Xiang run guest, Chu Qian You , Yin Zi Qi He thousand years, Wu Ling Qi , Yuan Hao Hao , Tian Cheng Si , Tian Qian Zhen The general will be selected from the army. Every month he was presented with donkeys, camels, war horses, falcons and hounds, and the people were left unborn. Anlushan repeatedly deceive the Xi people and the Khitan people. When the banquet was entertained, the anesthetic herb of scopolamine was placed in the wine, and the pit was excavated in advance. When the Khitan people were unconscious, they cut down their heads and buried them, killing thousands of people at will, and did four such things before and after.

Tianbao eleven years (752 years) in August, an Lun mountain commanded fifty thousand or sixty thousand troops, such as Hedong, and so on, claiming one hundred and fifty thousand people. Qidan The troop left Pinglu more than 1000 Li and drove to the earth protection River, which is north the Yellow River. Again, the speed of the day was three hundred Li, and suddenly it came to the Qidan commander's military account. After a long spell of rain, the bow and arrow were soaked, and the troops were exhausted after a long journey. The Khitan people attacked them again. I was shot by an arrow and broke the jade hairpin on his head. He took his hand with him. Kumo Xi The more than 20 men ran up the hill and fell into the pothole. His son An Qingxu and others helped him. By nightfall, they dispersed and fled to Pinglu city. Later, he sent troops to attack Xi and Qidan, beat Xi and Qidan, captured King Xi Li Riyue, and sent the captured strong men to Yunnan.

Right phase Yang Guo Zhong I told Tang Xuanzong many times that he would be rebellion. Tianbao twelve years (753 years), Tang Xuanzong sent Zhong Guan Fu Lin to reconnaissance. He accepted bribes from Anlushan. After returning, he talked about the loyalty of Anlu mountain. Yang Guozhong also said to Tang Xuanzong, "he will not come to Beijing if he is called." When he ordered the call, he came. In the thirteen month (754 years) of Tianbao, Tang Xuanzong visited the Huaqing Palace and took the opportunity to cry. "I am a foreigner, I do not know Chinese characters, and the emperor promoted me so that Yang Guozhong wanted to kill me." Tang Xuanzong was more intimate and generous to him, and appointed him as a high official of the left servant. In the same month, Ann Lu also presented a memorial to him for appointing himself as a leisure stall and a group of herd on the right side of the dragon. He appointed Jue Wen as the Minister of the Ministry of martial affairs and Zhongcheng. After he had worked as a leisure stall and made a group of herds, the best horses were secretly selected, and after he had captured the ranch, he seized Zhang Wenyan's horse herding. In March 1st of this year, he left Changan and returned to Fan Yang. He hurried out of Tongguan and drove three hundred or four hundred miles a day to Fan Yang. At this point, as long as some people say that they are going to rebel, Tang Xuanzong will be furious and bind him to Ann Lu Shan.

An Shi rebellion

Tianbao fourteen years (755 years), Tang Xuanzong also called him to Beijing, he said illness did not come. To his eldest son. An Qing Emperor He was given a marriage order and ordered him to attend the ceremony.

In November of this year, Anlushan launched a rebellion from Fan Yang, and alleged that he was led by the Emperor Xuanzong to lead the army to fight against Yang Guozhong. He led all the cavalry and infantry one hundred and fifty thousand, and marched in the middle of the night to eat at dawn and advance sixty miles a day. Sun Xiaozhe and Gao Gao and He Qiannian are the backbone of the decision of noble and strict Zhuang. The days of peace were long and people did not understand the war. When they heard the outbreak of the rebellion, the court was in turmoil. The palace guard units are made up of market traders. They have to open the Royal warehouse and bring up silks and silks to recruit soldiers. Gao Xianzhi and Feng Changqing were appointed to fight against the generals.

The order of an Lushan is strict. To purge, there is a group of officers and soldiers who are fighting with death. No one is not going to be 100%. In December, the rebels crossed the Yellow River to Chen Liu County, and the Henan Jie Zhang Ran state lost their martyrs, and the first rank spread to Hebei. The son of ANN Lu Shan An Qing Xu Seeing the announcement of the murder of his brother An Qingzong, he cried and told him that he was shocked and cried on the chariot. He was furious and angry. He saw that the surrender troops were crowded on both sides of the road, and ordered them to slash and kill six thousand or seven thousand people before entering Chen Liucheng. Guo Na, who stayed at Chen's residence, resisted for a while and then surrendered to the city.

When the rebels opened to Xingyang, Xingyang's Choi Choi won the battle and the city died. Rebels stationed in the mud poppy Valley, Tang Jun Li Li Shou Yu squatted on the ground archery, shooting hundreds of rebels, the arrow also fired on the arrows of the chariot, and the mountains did not dare to pass, then bypass the south side of the mud poppy valley. Li Shou Shou's arrow shot and ran to himself. Tokyo Luoyang left behind Li Xinqi, Zhongcheng Lu Yi, and the interview led Chiang Ching to burn the river bridge. Anlushan was angry and led the army forward.

From the gap between the broken walls of Yuen West and the cut off of trees, they fled. An Lushan entered Luoyang, killed Jiang Qing and so on, summoned Henan Yin Xi Xi, let him serve as director. After the failure, he fled to Shanxi county with only a few people. Gao Xian Zhi took charge of the Shanxi city, and fled to Tongguan to escape to the West. Shanxi county Dou Dou Zhi ran to the east of the river. Cui Qianyou is stationed in Shaanxi county. Wei Bin, an interim ruler, surrendered to Ann Lushan.

In the fifteen month (756 years) of Tianbao, an Lu overcame the emperor, the national name is big swallow, the year number is called holy Wu, and the following are several of the following people. In May, Nanyang Jijie Lu Kyung led more than 100000 soldiers from Jingzhou, Xiangzhou, Guizhou and south of the Five Ridges, and fought with the rebel general Wu Ling, on the north side of the city of Yexian County, and the Tang army was completely annihilated. June, Li Guang Bi , Guo Ziyi In the eastern part of Changshan, Jiashan defeated the rebels, and more than 10 of the rebel controlled counties of Hebei returned to power. Gosuha met with 80000 cavalry infantry from Tongguan, and fought against rebel general Cui Qianyou in the west of Lingbao, and was almost annihilated by the rebels. Gosuha turned to Tongguan to escape and was seized by his subordinates and sent to the rebels. Tongguan could not keep up. Tang Xuanzong fled to the Western Shu to take refuge. Li Heng Call the rebel forces to Lingwu fortification. An Lushan sent Zhang Tongru to be left in Xijing, Changan, and Tian Qian Zhen served as Beijing Zhao Yin. In November, he sent him to the Ying Chuan to burn and kill.

Murder for children

Due to fat body and long sore furuncle, Ann Lu's vision became blurred after the rebellion. The whole body is covered with lump like poisonous sores.

Two years (757 years), at the beginning of the first month, an Lu Mountain accepted the courtiers' worship. Because he was more irritable and upset, he used to use punishment as a minister. Yan Zhuang They were also beaten by whipping sticks, and Yan Zhuang was born on that day (five at the beginning of the month). Night waiting for planes to kill Ann Lu Shan. He kept Anqing out of the door, holding a knife and carrying an eunuch. Li pig Walking into the tent of an Lu Mountain together, Li pig took a big knife and cut down the belly of an Lushan.

An Lushan was blind, and a knife was often hung on his bedside. When he found out that the assassin had hardly gotten up, the knife on the head of the bed could not get hold of it. He just shook his curtain and shouted, "this man is my thief!" Shouting, it's dead. So he dug a deep cave in the bed and buried the body with the blanket. There is no funeral etiquette. Yan Zhuang immediately announced to the outside world that he was transmitting the throne to the emperor of Anqing. An Qingxu had no restraint in his lust and pleasure banquet. He called Yan Zhuang his elder brother and asked for his advice if he had no matter what size he had.

At first, Li pig left the Qidan tribe. He was very clever when he was in his teens. An Lushan used his knife to cut off all his genitals, and shed blood for several liters. He died in the past. As Li Zhuer became an eunuch, he loved him most and was most trusted and reused. An Lushan stomach is big, each time wears the clothing tie, needs three or four people to help, two people raise the stomach, the Li pig uses the head to live, only then brings the skirt pants belt to wear. Tang Xuanzong favoured Ann Lu Shan, giving him to the Qing palace hot spring bath, allowing Li Zhuer and others to go in to help get rid of clothes. However, it was the Li pig who finally killed him.

after Shi Ming After killing Anqing, it was the emperor's throne.

Historical evaluation

· Zhang Jiuling Those who disorderly state must be Hu.

· Li De Yu Lu Shan, the crafty person of the barbarians, is not going to go to Guan Zhangyuan, just because of the fighting spirit.

· Yao run In the two years, Li Huaixian died in November. He died in November in the first year of Baoying in December. He eruded the Central Plains for eight years.

· " Book of Tang "Heaven and earth are closed, rebellious and rebellious. Lu Shan is guilty, Zhu Zhu is called emperor. The den of thieves is suddenly raised, and the group is clothed. Levy it, so save slowly!

· " New Tang Dynasty book "Lu Shan, Siming and XingNu, hungry and captive, the false emperor is graciousness, then disorderly world. He can turn his head against the king, and his son can kill his father. The two thieves will be forced to put their hands on others. Zhang Weiji and Liu Yu "nearly HSI Cao, Ma, far away Huan, Wen, misfortune in the two dynasties, Fu Ying Ying in three, eight Ye Chuanqi world heir, six kings do not end their lives, the day's application, it is clear!" Du Muwei: "it is said that when Emperor Wen is emperor, he will steal the fruit. At the weekend, Yang made a eight pillar country, and the Duke had been attacked for a long time. Once the man had stolen the number, he would not be dead for three or two decades. Those who know the law will be the evil of Yang, but the good and the good. Zhang and Du have been known for a long time. Such as Lu Shan, Si Ming, Xi Liu Yu and Yang Jian are not the ones who do not.

· He Qu Fei Lu Shan tiger sees the Ji Ji, cross a thousand li, and the official in the army is three thousand people. Therefore, Fan Yang changed together, and the world shook greatly.

· Xu Jun As a man, he knows his father and his father. At last, the enemy finally turned the news back.

· Ding Yao Kang It is not for its species, but for hoeing. The first thing that Wang knows is that we must not be limited. With its non family. Even on the side of the mat, a foreign object was first thought of. For example, if the wolf is to be kept, the sheep will be ambitious. But there are differences. Jin Midi Also Hu people, loyalty and Iraq, hobby, why? Guy Domachin, the owl is not righteous, and the news of animals is also reported by animals. If the father and son are not alike, the Tang Dynasty will be destroyed.


Family name

In 1925, Japan Scholar Sanhara Hide Textual research shows that Ann Lu Shan is Kang state Born Sogdian Later Iran studies W.B.Henning further pointed out that Sogdian Rokhshan, is the meaning of light. This view is supported by most scholars.

Imperial concubine

Tianbao ten (751 years) is the birthday of an Lushan Mountain. Tang xunzong and favorite concubine of emperor Minghuang This is a great birthday gift to Ann Lushan. On the third day of his birthday, Yang came to visit Ann Lu Mountain and held the three wash ceremony for his eldest son. Yang put her into a big bathtub, bathed him, bathed him, and wrapped it in an Ambrose specially made of brocade material, so that the maids placed him on a colorful sedan chair, and turned around in the palace garden.

Religious belief

Historian Rong Xin Jiang Pointing out the belief of an Lu Mountain Zoroastrianism He said: "An Lu called himself the embodiment of" the God of light "and personally presided over it. Sogdian In the settlement, Qun Hu's Zoroastrianism sacrificed to make himself a religious leader of the Hu people. He used the power of religion to reunite the people of the world, and to use the identity of "the God of light" to call on the people. A large number of Han troops will follow up the rebellion of Mount Lushan and must consider the spiritual power of "the God of light".

Serve as a saint

After the death of ANN Lu, Shi Ming He was regarded as a saint by the old people. An Lu Shan Ministry Tian Cheng Si Surrender to Tang ting and send Shi Zhaoyi's mother and wife to the court. Wei Bo Jie Jie Shi In order to stabilize the hearts of the northern people, he set up four ancestral shrines for Ann Lu Shan, An Qingxu, Shi Siming and Shi Zhaoyi, the number is "Four Saints". In 773 years, Tian Chengsi asked the court to pay respects. Emperor Daizong of Tang Tian Chengsi sent him to destroy the ancestral hall of an Shi Si Sheng. Ping Zhang reach Emperor Muzong of Tang Changqing In the same year, he used to call Ann Lu and Shi Siming as the two saints, and then served as the governor of Lulong. Zhang Hong Jing In order to change this ethos, we ordered the removal of the tomb of an Lushan Mountain and the destruction of its coffin.

Member of family


Mrs. Kang

Duan Empress


1. An Qing Emperor In 756 years, Tang Xuanzong was put to death.

2. Jin Wang An Qing Xu After 756 years, he became emperor.

3. An Qing en

4. Taksin Anqing and In 756 years, he was executed in 758 years by Emperor Su Zong of Tang Dynasty.

5. An Qing Yu

6. Anqing

7. An Qing Guang

8. An Qing Xi

9. An Qing you

10. An Qing long

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