Administrative division of Mianyang

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Administrative division of Mianyang

Mianyang City has jurisdiction over 9 county-level administrative divisions (Municipal District 3, county-level city 1, county-5), 166 township level administrative divisions (street 13, town 122, township 31), and manages the Science City Office of Sichuan Provincial People's government. It has an area of 20257 square kilometers and a population of 5.45 million. Mianyang Municipal People's government is located at No. 98, mianxing East Road, high tech Zone.

Remarks: the following areas are listed separately in the plan and enjoy the authority of entrusted management of social and economic affairs in the region.

1. Mianyang high tech Industrial Development Zone (trusteeship Puming street, Yongxing Town)

2. Mianyang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Tongtong Tangxun street, Songya town)

3. Science and education entrepreneurship Park of Mianyang Science and Technology City (trusteeship Pioneer Park Street)

4. Xianhai Water Conservancy Scenic Spot in Mianyang (trusteeship Chenkang town)