Administrative division of Deyang

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Administrative division of Deyang

Deyang City has 6 county-level administrative divisions (Municipal District 2, county-level city 3, county-1), and 84 township level administrative divisions (street 13, town 67, township 4). It covers an area of 5911 square kilometers and has a population of 3.92 million. Deyang Municipal People's government is located at No.37, Section 1, Changjiang West Road, Jingyang district.

Remarks: 1. Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone (trusteeship bajiaojing street, Jingdong Street) implements separate plan and entrusts the management authority of social and economic affairs in the management area.

2. Deyang Tianfu Jingcheng Party Working Committee (Management Committee) and Jingyang high tech Zone implement the management mode of "one organization, two brands". Tianfu Jingcheng district is 70 square kilometers, involving 15.75 square kilometers of Tianyuan street in Jingyang District, 28.98 square kilometers of Tianyuan area in central urban area, and 25.27 square kilometers of Jinlun town and Xiaohan town of Guanghan City.