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Ding zhenhuo, along with Sichuan Ganzi tourism industry is also hot.

In November 11th CCTV news and Oriental tiktok were put on a short video of the tremble. Ding Zhen, the "sweet boy" in the video, triggered a phenomenal network event with a transmission volume of more than 5 billion times. At the same time, Ding Zhen also became the propaganda Ambassador of his hometown Litang County, driving the search volume of "Litang" to soar by 620%.

Everything starts with a 10 second tiktok. Photographer Hu Bo (tiktok ID:Bo_ 3311) take some beautiful scenery and Tibetan daily life. On November 11, he went to Ding Zhen's hometown to photograph Ding Zhen's younger brother, who happened to be away from home. After meeting Ding Zhen by chance, we can see the Kangba man with "wild nature and innocence coexisting" - Ding Zhen, whose eyes are "cleaner than the water of Lugu Lake".

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Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province:

Hello everyone, I'm Ding Zhen. I've come to you with my pony:

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