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A er la bo er shu

Al r Bo Er (1162 to 1226) , Mongolia Famous general, Genghis Khan "Four Jun" is the leader of the founding fathers. Formerly known as "Er Chu". As a result of helping the young boy, Gen Gi Khan took back the stolen horse and became his subordinate. First joined the Mongolia army and made great contributions to Mongolia's development. Taking part in the unification of Mongolia's war, we are determined to fight for war and fight for war.

Paul Mauriat's History

In 1206, Genghis Khan He was appointed by the founding of the people's Republic of China. Muqali He said: "at home, the power of Ru and so on is in the majority. I have the same axis as you and the car, and the body has arms". The two men are on the top. He was also born in Bo Er and Bo Guo Ji. Mongolia state Senior general. Ah Er Luo. The same clan as Gen Gi Khan Kaidu Offspring. Nash Bo Yan Zi.

It is famous for its "ambition and wisdom, and good fighting and knowing soldiers". The residential area is adjacent to Mongolia. Bo Er thirteenth At that time, I helped. Tie Mu Zhen Recapture the stolen herdsmen, the two men took part in the surprise attack. The thieves threw down the herdsman, and the two sides fought in Da Chi Wu Li, and the two armies joined each other. He tied his horse rope to his waist and kept his pace in situ. Tie Mu Zhen really appreciates his courage and makes friends with this opportunity and joins him. Since then, with the identity of the Kok (accompanying), following the tie Mu Zhen, the two men have been in a difficult position, and all the righteous men are in the same breath. At that time, all the disputes, every time the Bo was responsible for the night vigilance, tie Mu Zhen could surely sleep in peace. Every time I meet, I talk about politics, and even through the night, there is a tacit agreement between monarch and minister. Feel just like a fish in water

Tie Mu Zhen was besieged by cowardly passion and lost his love horse. So he went to the wilderness with iron and wood. At that time, it was heavy rain and snow, and the two could not know where the tooth Ledger was, and lay down on the grass. Muqali They opened their blankets together to hide the iron wood. They stood all the way from morning till night, and did not move until the night was deep. The snow was thick enough to be found after a few feet, and the three people finally survived. When the three surname beggar was attacked by Mongolia, he was besieged by wind and snow again. So he quickly moved the baggage and found that he had returned to the rest car. When he heard that he came back, he sighed with emotion, "smart heaven praised me, too."

Song Dynasty Ayden In sixteen years (1189), iron Mu Zhen was elected to Mongolia after Khan. Stryan He was also appointed as the head of many officials and involved in operations. The entourage unify all parts of Mongolia, without servitude, and from time to time.

Qingyuan Five years (1199), ordered and Muqali And so on. Wang-khan Xue Wujun was defeated.

In two years (1202), Jia Tai was accompanied by four pieces of iron wood Zhen Cha Cha Tata and so on. The next year, the battle was fought. LAN Zhen Sha Tuo They all have military exploits.

Two years of Jubilee (1206) Mongolia state When it was established, it sealed the right wing family members and 1000 heads of households, ruling the west of the Khan court. Altai Mountains The vast area is highly valued. The right one is praised by iron wood as "the axis of a vehicle and the arm of the body". Perspiration Chagatai Teach from it. With Mu Hua Li, Boll , Red old temperature It is also called "Li ban Qu Qu". Mongolian "Four represents". Keshik "(Hu Weijun), one of the Ten Heroes, enjoys nine privileges of impunity.

Genghis Khan Twenty-one years (1226), compliance Xixia And died shortly afterwards.

ogodei Sweating for eight years (1236), thanks to his merits. Quang Binh Road ten thousand, more than seven hundred three hundred households. Dade five years (1301), Wang Guang Ping.


According to legend, after the death of Bart, Kiyan The tribal people followed Tae Chi Wu's departure. Not long after, the minority stayed behind. At that time, there were only 8 people in the beggar tribe. (he was also the wife: the wife and eldest son of iron and iron, and his father and his siblings, the iron and wooden iron Mulun, the son of the same half of the family, and the "eight horses". A group of robber thieves stole the eight horses. On the way of pursuit, tie Mu Zhen met Bo Er, a man who knew the way and retrieved the lost horse under the guidance of Bo. After that, he became an anda with Mongolian (brother: Mongolian): from then on, Gen Gi Khan and his cowardly bear (the driver of the erhu) had been following him (after the thirteen wings, the cowardly bear was killed).

War of Kuo Yi Tian The arrow in the neck (which was shot by the West commander, Mongolia's marksman, the pagoda of Mongolia (after World War II, renamed it by Gen Gi Khan), fell to the horse, and Bohr took him to the longevity hill under the mountain. He was born to pity the pride of the day. A group of wolves took the arrow out, and the blood was sucked out by Boer, and the iron wood really miraculously survived. After the war, only 17 people survived the beggar Yan's life. (Temu Jan Mwariborchi, Lao Wen and Yu came to the throne, and so on), with the help of Boer and Mu Huali, Gen Gi Khan once again extended his honor to the tribes and unified the various parts of the country. Begging for defeat, Gen Gi Khan was in battle. Tie Mu Zhen was very grateful to Bo. Although he did not give the bor to the 88 heroes, he gave him the privilege of nine crimes and no punishment.

" History of Yuan "It is called" Bo Er "," Er Er Luo ". Ancestor Poltag In order to make Wu Xiong Shuo Fang. Father Nash and his son, and fierce patron saint of travelers The emperor of the Yuan Dynasty was in good condition. He is ambitious and skilled in fighting and knowing military affairs. He is at the bottom of the mansion. He is in a difficult position. When the various parts are not well, every night of the police, the emperor sleepers must rest. It is directly related to the internal language and politics, or to the dawn. The deeds of kings and ministers are just like fish and water. At the beginning, he had to take part in the army and steal the horses. The time when he was thirteen years old, he knew how to win the battle. That is to say, in the battle of Da Chi Wu Li, the two armies joined each other and ordered a desperate battle. The horse of the bor is full of waist, and it is full of propriety. He also felt that he had lost his horse, and that he had lost his horse. It will rain and snow, where the lost teeth are, and in the grass grass, Muqali Zhang Zhanqiu was built on the same side of the emperor, with no trace of footprints, and deep snow. The battle of the Li Li period was also confused by the wind and snow, and then entered the enemy. Baggage Then the emperor was in the rest of the car, and he heard Wen Bo's skill and said, "Cong Tian praised me." In the age of Bing Yin, Emperor Tai is the emperor, and the emperors and ministers are divided into two parts. They say that they are "calm" and "many ru". The following are the ten thousand families of Bo Er and Mu Hua Li. Yiwei The position is on the poles. Huang Mancha Cha ha out of the western region of the town, there is a purpose to be taught from the Bo Art. The emperor said, "I teach you no more than that." Not long ago Quang Binh When Lu Hu dies, seven thousand and three hundred will be divided. With the old disease, Tai TSU mourned. In the five year of Dade, he gave the loyal association to seek the meritorious service. Imperial College , The three divisions of Kai Fu Yi Wang, Wang Ping, posthumous title. Wu Zhong


Son: Luan Luan Tai, to attack thousands of households, to give sincere advice to protect the meritorious service. Imperial College , The three divisions of Kai Fu Yi The title of Guiping Wang is posthumous.

Sun: Yu Xi, mu mu, And for jade speed, Timor and jade. The generals of the Yuan Dynasty. Mongolia.

· Bo Er Wang Quang Wang, posthumous title Wu Zhong.

· Luan Luan Tai, the son of Bo Er, is the king of posthumous title.

· Yu Xi Ting Mu er The son of the Luan Luan Tai, the king of Guang Ping, posthumously, Zhen Xian.

· The wood is the prince, the jade son. Huang Qing The first year (1312) was sealed.

· Bare soil, ha, and jade, third sons. Yan you Six years (1319).

· He is a descendant of the royal family. Sky calendar Two years (1329).

· Arrow diagram The son of Mu Lu suddenly ended up in December (three) in February 1337.

· Bite, the son of the class, for thirteen years (1353).

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