A city with a fire by one Cold thinking behind Ding Zhen hot

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With the popularity of microblogging for nearly seven months, the popularity of microblogging has been created for a long time. At the same time, the hometown of Ding Zhen, Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, also ushered in several times the search volume and real gold and silver tourism orders.

From a short video to a tourism boom, how to understand the "pusher" of this phenomenon? What are the inspirations?

This is Ding Zhen (taken on December 2) on his way home from Litang County. Photo by Shen Bohan, Xinhua News Agency

On December 4, Xia Han, general manager of Jingyu group whale scenic area investment and operation group, told China Business Daily: "from the whole process of Ding Zhen hot search event, it can be summarized as" ugc-pgc-ugc "content production mode, forming a digital content marketing closed-loop, that is, grasping the accidental Internet high-quality UGC, conducting deep PGC development and operation, and finally transforming into a wider area UG C effect. "

On December 2, the relevant person in charge of the wooden bird B & B told reporters that in 2020, the suppressed tourism demand of users due to the epidemic situation will be released through the incident of Ding Zhen. Behind Ding Zhen's popularity, it is the user's yearning for traveling.

People call for "simplicity and beauty"

The person in charge of the above-mentioned wooden bird homestay believes that behind the Ding Zhen phenomenon, "in fact, it is everyone's yearning for the primitive beauty and the simple beauty.". Combined with people's strong willingness to travel, "bump" together, forming an explosive effect.

Ding Zhen is at his home at the foot of gnei snow mountain in Litang County (photo taken on December 2). Photo by Shen Bohan, Xinhua News Agency

In the case of outbound tourism being affected, going to minority destinations is just a phenomenon presented this year. According to Feng Rao, the director of mahoneycomb Tourism Research Center, on the surface, Ding Zhen's popularity is an accidental phenomenon, but Ganzi, a newly emerging tourist destination with beautiful natural scenery, unique folk culture and relatively small number, has great potential to become a popular choice for young tourists in the future.

On December 3, Feng Rao told reporters that since the summer of this year, Ganzi's popularity in the mafengwo platform has been maintained at a high level. On the eve of the national day, Ganzi Prefecture, its Moshi Park, lenggecuo and other scenic spots were listed in the list of new niche destinations released by mafengwo. Ganzi Litang is now popular, he believes, showing the prediction of "emerging minority tourism has become a prairie fire".

On December 2, a person from Tongcheng Research Institute mentioned that for tourism consumption, Ding Zhen represents the "new trend of the country", that is, when outbound travel is not possible, dig deep into the beautiful scenery and even lovely people that are "buried" by the traditional tourism mode in China.

From this, Xia Han saw the "trilogy" created by cultural tourism IP: "personality, vision and story. That is, Ding Zhen's unique Tibetan and simple personality; the visual system of appearance, Tibetan clothing and white horse; Ding Zhen's world and self narration

"The beauty of Ding Zhen is a kind of differentiated content from the perspective of marketing." Xia Han believes that it is difficult to form strong contrast, distance or yearning content with tourists' habitual cognition and daily life, and it is not easy to form strong communication content. Content mining and packaging is the starting point of marketing, followed by the combination of media matrix. Sichuan and Tibet are rich in natural and human resources, which have the space to explore the different contents.

Relevant tourism organizations have new media thinking

"Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared". For Ding Zhen phenomenon, people in the industry believe that Ganzi's tourism decision-making preparation in peacetime makes it able to undertake people's sudden tourism enthusiasm.

Feng Rao suggested that if "Ding Zhen" was only a seven second video, he might be forgotten by netizens as soon as other social media hotspots.

This is the town of Litang, Ding Zhen's hometown, bathed in the morning light (photo of UAV on December 2). Photo by Shen Bohan, Xinhua News Agency

"In order to develop tourism, Ganzi and Litang have already accumulated abundant online tourism assets and transmitted local tourism information and characteristic resources to the public through various activities and platforms." Feng Rao said that there are a lot of tourism strategies about Ganzi and Litang accumulated on the platform of mafengwo.

Information from Ctrip shows that before Ding Zhen became popular, Ganzi Prefecture had prepared for free tickets. Many scenic spots, hotels and air tickets can be reserved in Ctrip. Ding zhenhuo up, the original information network to play an immediate effect, the first group of Ctrip passengers on New Year's day to lock in Ganzi. On Ctrip, there are 2000 Ganzi tourist routes. The "private group" which can form a group of two people has the fastest growth. The number of applicants for Ganzi self driving tour and Ganzi mountaineering theme tour increased by 30% to 50% compared with last year.

In Xia Han's view, the change of Tourism Organization thinking also lies in "seizing the chance of Internet high-quality UGC, then conducting deep PGC development and operation, and finally transforming into a wider area UGC effect".

Yuan Lei, vice president of Sichuan shede culture and tourism marketing, told reporters that, first of all, due to Ganzi's rapid response to the phenomenon of "Ding Zhen online popularity", tickets for 67 A-level scenic spots in Ganzi Prefecture in winter are free, which also forms the factor of enlarging the spread. In addition, similar to the "little sister of the tumbler" in Xi'an Cultural Tourism, Ganzi also formed a new tourism cognition through "Ding Zhen".

"Local tourism bureaus and tourism institutions are becoming more and more sensitive to the new media marketing, more and more professional marketing techniques, and more and more strong social marketing awareness of positive hot spots and online celebrities." Xia Han believes that it is the future trend that the concept of knowledge and creative resources will be used more and more attention should be paid to the emotional connection between tourists and destinations in marketing strategies.

After the heat?

Wood bird B & B related people put forward that behind Ding Zhen's unexpected popularity, it was the result of the local tourism related departments laying a good foundation and paving the way, but its applicability is limited.

"However, this kind of path to promote the development of local tourism by relying on the sudden popularity of plain people online is not suitable for all tourist cities. After all, there are only a few online celebrities that can bring huge traffic, so we can't hope for it." The person said.

He believes that for Ganzi cultural tourism, the more important thing in the future is to excavate the local beauty, constantly improve the tourism supporting facilities, and ensure a good tourism experience for users. "To lay a good foundation for Hukou stele is the first step to promote the development of local tourism."

Xia Han believes that if the infrastructure is not in place and the tourism products are rough, it is difficult to guarantee the user experience when Internet celebrities come to the tourist destination. In the end, the online hot spots can only become slot points. He believes that destination operation needs to return to the original intention and take user experience as the first KPI indicator. In addition, the creation of Ding Zhen IP also needs to carry on the continuous operation of the content to avoid staying at the level of "propaganda explosion point". Hot search content marketing also needs to pay attention to avoid making vulgar content for the sake of traffic.

People from Tongcheng Research Institute said that Ding Zhen phenomenon provides a new product design idea for the industry, that is, to follow the consumption hot spots created by online celebrities to carry out dynamic product development and IP continuous creation. However, there is still a long way to go from Ding Zhen phenomenon to a methodology, which requires constant trial and error in practice and market verification. "

The source suggested that in the long run, the local government can take advantage of the attention brought by Ding Zhen and follow the trend, systematically integrate the local Kangba Tibetan cultural resources, develop its own brand and selling points, and form an "IP that does not depend on specific events and can fully represent the advantages of local resources".