88 Floor Sightseeing Hall of Jinmao Building

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88 Floor Sightseeing Hall of Jinmao Building

Jinmao Tower's 88th floor sightseeing hall, located in Shanghai, China, has a height of 340.1 meters and an area of 1520 square meters. It is the largest sightseeing hall in China at present. It is the first 4A tourist attractions in China.

Practical information

Ticket Price

Tickets: 120 yuan, 60 yuan for children, 80 yuan for students with student certificates, (88 floors sightseeing hall) online booking for adults 90 yuan / person, students 70 yuan / person

Opening Hours


Suggest playing

1 hours

Best season

Four seasons are all acceptable.

Traffic information

Exit 6, Exit 3 of Metro Line 2, Bus Lines 81, 82, 870, 871, 872, Tunnel Lines 3, 4, 5 and 6, etc.

development history

The 88-storey sightseeing hall of Jinmao Tower, the first 4A scenic spot in China, allows you to experience the beautiful scenery of "falling clouds and solitary birds flying together, autumn and autumn water all grow in one colour".

At the beginning of 1999, another landmark building in Shanghai stood proudly beside the Huangpu River. The long-awaited 88-storey Jinmao Tower, the third largest in the world and the first in China, was finally put into the market. It integrates modern office buildings, luxurious five-star hotels, commercial exhibitions, high-grade banquets, sightseeing, entertainment and shopping malls. It is rich in the cultural connotation of the Chinese nation and integrates Western architectural arts. Skyscrapers of skill and wisdom have become the most convenient, comfortable, flexible and safe place for office, finance, commerce, entertainment and catering in Shanghai. Jinmao Building was approved on February 17, 1992. Construction started on May 10, 1994. The structure was capped on August 28, 1997. It opened on March 18, 1999. It was fully opened on August 28, 1999. Jinmao Tower covers an area of 2.3 hectares, 420.5 meters high, with a total floor area of 290,000 square meters.

Jinmao Building is located at the tunnel entrance of Yan'an East Road in Pudong, beside Century Avenue. It is located in the center of Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone, the core area of Pudong. It faces the prosperous scenery of Pudong New Area in the east, the elegant scenery of Shanghai and Huangpu River in the west, the commercial and trade zone of Zhangyang Road in Pudong in the south, and the central green space of 100,000 square meters in the north. The road network around the building is well developed and the traffic is very convenient. It runs directly through the river tunnel and the metro line 2. From Jinmao Tower to the busiest block of Puxi, it takes only 2 minutes to cross the tunnel, and only 30 minutes to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or Pudong International Airport.

The designer of Jinmao Building is a famous SOM design firm in Chicago, USA. With innovative design ideas, the designer skillfully combines the world's latest architectural trends with traditional Chinese architectural styles, successfully designs world-class, cross-century classics, which has become a milestone of Shanghai-style architecture, and has become a famous landmark building in Shanghai. In June 1998, he won the Illinois World Architectural Structure Award. In October 1999, Rong Ying won the first prize of Shanghai Top Ten Classic Architectural Gold Awards for the 50th anniversary of New China.

Business Office

The 1-2 floor of Jinmao Tower is a magnificent, spacious and bright business office lobby with a net height of 10.1 meters. It not only has exciting volume, but also has high style, high grade and high-tech interior decoration, which gives people a special feeling of solemnity, elegance and relaxation. The elegant consulting desk with tall and eye-catching electronic display gives people warm and thoughtful fast service.

The special waiting hall in the lobby is unique in shape, just like the splendid ancient Egyptian pyramid. Five sets of 26 high-speed elevators specially designed for office use unique glass car, glass lobby, spacious and bright, which can quickly and comfortably deliver guests to all office floors without transfer. The 5-6 elevators on every 10 floors can ensure that the waiting time is no more than 35 seconds during rush hours, which is convenient for people to travel.

The elevator in the office area also has an innovative "air docking" self-rescue function. Once a failure occurs halfway, the remote control system GRT will instruct the adjacent elevators to stop quickly, and the side door of the elevator car will open automatically, so that the guests can quickly get out of trouble.

The office area of Jinmao Mansion is 3-50 stories of the tower, with a building area of 122,871 square meters. It is a large space without columns, with a floor height of 4 meters and a net height of 2.7 meters. The tenants can divide and arrange freely according to their own needs.

The general lighting window of the office area is spacious and bright, and the natural lighting is in the best condition. Lighting mounted lampshade, 1.5 m *1.5 m uniform layout, uniform lighting, soft light, illumination up to 450-500 LUX, no reflection on the computer screen, not dazzling, conducive to eye health care in the computer age.

The air conditioning system of Jinmao Mansion is equipped with world-advanced variable air volume units with low-temperature air supply, fresh air volume of 5 liters per second per person. There are 24 manual temperature controllers on each floor of the office area, which can adjust the room temperature arbitrarily in the range of 19-29 degrees Celsius. The end of the air conditioning system is equipped with silencing equipment to provide quiet office environment for guests. The air conditioning design of Jinmao Building has been awarded the Excellent Design Award by the American Association of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers.

Tea rooms are also provided in each office area. Drinking water and boiled water filtered by sand filter, activated carbon filter and ultraviolet disinfection are provided free of charge 24 hours. Clean and hygienic drinking water is provided free of charge for guests.

Luxury Hotel

The 53-87 floors of Jinmao Tower is the most luxurious Hyatt Jinmao Hotel with the highest ground level, the most complete facilities and the most luxurious decoration in the world. The hotel has 555 luxury rooms, including 58-85 floors, including 78-85 floors for the hotel administration building (7 floors), and 82 floors with guest reception, dedicated conference rooms, business center, meeting room, and VIP breakfast and rest service. There are nine types of rooms, accounting for 37% of double beds, 55% of single beds and 8% of suites.

The 53-floor piano bar and Linglong bar are comfortable and leisure. They can provide drinking, sightseeing and entertainment for 108 guests. The 54 floors are the air lobby, with coffee restaurants and buffets for breakfast, noon and evening. The 55-storey Yue Zhenxuan occupies one level. It has elegant seats and private rooms in Qiongtai Senge style. It also serves 200 guests at the same time.

Located on the 56th floor, the "Food at 56" serves authentic Italian pizza, Italian cuisine, American barbecue and Japanese cuisine, as well as 275 guests. "Food in 56" is characterized by a clear furnace, unique scenes and atmosphere, so that each guest feel that it is both food leisure and cultural exchanges. When you enter the 56-storey atrium bar, there is a special cave in the sky. Looking up at the unique Hotel Atrium in the world, you can roll up 152 meters, with a charming aura, like mountains and mountains. On the front of the stage is a colourful and magnificent oil painting. In the glass curtain wall above the oil painting, the high-speed elevator goes up and down. If it is hidden, the pianist is playing the world famous music for you. You will feel like paradise on earth.

Located on the 57th floor of the fitness center, with indoor temperature-controlled swimming pool, water bath facilities, fitness equipment, body-building, dance and massage beauty, haircut, medical room for men, women and children are set up separately.

The 86th floor of Jinmao Building is the most luxurious membership club in Shanghai. It has 4 private rooms for Chinese food and 1 private restaurant for Western food. It also has billiards room, sauna room, massage room, bar room and KTV private room. Jiuzhongtian Lounge is located on 87 floors and 87 interbeds. It can provide 248 guests with all kinds of drinks and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River.

China Jinmao (Group) entrusts the world-renowned Hyatt Hotel International Group to operate and manage the Hyatt Hotel in Jinmao.

Podium function

The podium has 6 floors, with a building area of 32270 square meters. The first floor of the podium is equipped with 700 square meters exhibition hall, which can accommodate 380 seats of demonstration hall, small conference room and multi-function hall. The demonstration hall is equipped with simultaneous interpretation and top-level audio-visual equipment. It can hold press conferences, academic conferences, international conferences and so on. The 3-6 floors of the podium were originally designed as a large shopping mall. In fact, the interior structure is exquisite, showing a high degree of harmony and unity with architectural sketches. You see, the nine curved bridge across the podium atrium, the arch bridge; if walking on it, it seems that it has come to the Yu Garden of Shanghai, and also to Suzhou, it can be called the far western Pompidou culture and art center second. If you don't believe me, you are welcome to come and have a look.

The second floor of the podium has a banquet hall of 1000 people, a crystal Hall of 750 people, as well as many guest halls, conference halls and multi-functional halls. Facing the north end of Shanghai Pudong Century Avenue, the 3-4 floor of the podium is Pujin Entertainment Center. It has a colorful stage hall, dance floor, bar and gourmet food, as well as a KTV private room. It's a good place for you to enjoy your leisure after a busy and intense day's work or a leisure holiday.

Underground garage

The basement of Jinmao Mansion has three floors and four floors in part. Its building area is 57151 square meters. It has 800 parking spaces and 2000 bicycle garages. Parking fee system, according to different needs of parking passengers, prepared a month, season, annual rental parking space smart card, or stochastically pick up tickets parking. The parking lot with 800 parking spaces is equipped with a parking information instruction and guidance system. Real-time display and statistical instructions are provided to guide the parking situation of each area on each floor. The 360-degree rotating platform camera monitored in each area of each floor takes care of your walking companion at all times. You can safely park your car in the underground garage of Jinmao Building.

Sightseeing Hall

Jinmao Tower's 88-storey sightseeing hall, 340.1 meters high and 1520 square meters in area, is the largest one in China at present. The sightseeing hall is luxuriously decorated with imported natural marble, of which the thickness of the wall stone is only 3 mm; the glass curtain wall has a wide view, and the city scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River and the magnificent scenery of the Yangtze Estuary can be seen. Two direct elevators running 9.1 meters per second can take visitors from the underground floor to the 88-storey sightseeing hall in 45 seconds. Here, you can enjoy the wonderful sunset and sunset, and shake hands with the ever-changing blue sky and white clouds.

The 88-storey sightseeing hall of Jinmao Tower, the first 4A scenic spot in China, covers an area of 1520 square meters and has a height of 340.1 meters. It is the highest and largest sightseeing hall in China, and the largest in the world in Shanghai. Two vertical elevators running 9.1 meters per second can carry 33 passengers at a time. It takes only 45 seconds to send visitors directly from the underground floor to 88 floors. Looking up from a high altitude, you can have a panoramic view of the great Shanghai. There are many tall buildings on both sides of the Pujiang River and hundreds of rivers on the Huangpu River. You can experience the beautiful scenery of "falling clouds and flying alone, autumn and autumn together". After enjoying the exterior view, you can also view the world's unparalleled Hotel Atrium from top to bottom, it is 27 meters in diameter, 28 corridor armrests in the neon light, glittering golden. A ring corridor is like a row of galleries, beautiful. This scene is exciting. You can't help but pick up the camera and leave an eternal memorial. Jinmao Tower's unparalleled Hotel Atrium is praised by architects, scientists and writers as "shared space", "golden ring", "time and space tunnel".

Watching the night scenery in the 88-storey sightseeing hall is a kind of enjoyment. The Bund, known as the World Architecture Expo, is brilliant and beautiful. The distant viaducts and bridges are surrounded by bright lights, competing with the stars and the moon. This scene makes you feel like you are in Penglai Wonderland.

The 88-storey sightseeing hall has the highest "air post office" in China, the 88-storey sightseeing hall postal service office of Jinmao Building, which provides precious postal products and special services for tourists. There is also a digital photography service in the sightseeing hall, which will leave a permanent memorial for tourists.

Jinmao shopping

Jinmao Shopping Center is located on the 5-6 floors of the skirt building of the building. The total floor area of the shopping mall is 15664 square meters. The interior design of the center is ingenious and perfectly embodies the shopping concept of giving people ample space. The main passageway with an average width of 5 meters is made of imported flooring, which is bright and shiny. The air corridor and spiral escalator constructed by special glass floor tiles are skillful, and the magnificent commercial atrium combined with the natural lighting of the large-span glass dome gives the whole shared space a avant-garde fashion. Shopping malls are open shops separated by high strength stainless steel and floor glass, which have great visual penetration. 16 groups of escalators construct a smooth and convenient internal transportation network, with advanced lighting, air conditioning and safety facilities, to enjoy luxury and comfortable shopping.

For the convenience of tourists, there is a restaurant on the ground floor of the entrance and exit of the sightseeing hall, which provides snacks with different flavors, low prices and good quality. There are stainless steel spiral ladders, glass floor overpasses and suspended nine-curve bridges on the third to sixth floors of the podium. You can enjoy the unique style and bold conception of architectural art there. You can also visit exhibitions, buy souvenirs and enjoy a variety of services.