• Portuguese chicken

    Portuguese chicken

    The Portuguese chicken is one of the representative dishes in Macao. It's a Portuguese food from Africa and India. It's made of whole chicken

    Macau 2018-11-14
  • Mixed Congee

    Mixed Congee

    Eight treasures, also known as Laba porridge, porridge, Chinese traditional festival food. It is a gruel made from a variety of ingredients in Laba. Chinese scholars in the Southern Song Dynasty

  • Crab congee

    Crab congee

    crab porridge is a snack in Macao. Macao is located at the junction of saltwater and fresh water, and the crab produced is delicious. Water crab porridge...

    Macau 2018-10-31
  • Portuguesestyle egg tarts

    Portuguesestyle egg tarts

    Portuguese egg tart, also known as Portuguese cream tower, caramel Mejit egg tart. Portuguese tart, known in Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong, is a small cream pastry pie.

    Macau 2018-10-31
  • stired egg and tomato

    stired egg and tomato

    Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, also known as tomato scrambled eggs, is a common popular dish among many people's families. The cooking method is simple and easy to learn, and the nutrition is reasonabl