• Fish Swallow in Bazhen Fresh Soup

    Fish Swallow in Bazhen Fresh Soup

    Ingredients: Six or two fish swallows are served well. Lentinus edodes, crab willow, Jinhua ham, clam, shrimp

  • Bazhen Tofu Box

    Bazhen Tofu Box

    Firstly, the tofu was cut into pieces and fried into crisp skin tofu. Then, eight kinds of raw materials were cooked together with the fried tofu in one pot. There are different opinions about "B

  • Eight claw Fish Powder Pueraria Decoction

    Eight claw Fish Powder Pueraria Decoction

    500 grams of Pueraria Thunb, 50 grams of octopus, 400 grams of pork legs, four candied dates, and 1/6 peel.

  • Baxian longevity noodles

    Baxian longevity noodles

    Make it with Udonghua noodles. With turtle, old turtle boiled soup, turtle has a nourishing role, old turtle represents longevity. Take shrimp, squid, sea cucumber, black fish balls

  • Baxian Yaochi Party

    Baxian Yaochi Party

    Baxian Yaochi gathering is a traditional dish in Tai'an, Shandong Province, which belongs to the Shandong cuisine family. Egg white is the main material for Baxian Yaochi gathering.

  • Eight Immortals

    Eight Immortals

    Raw materials: japonica rice, yellow millet, soybean, red adzuki bean, mung bean (fried with five flavors) 75 grams each. Fennel (washed) 150 grams, dried ginger, stir-fried white salt 30 grams each.

  • Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Make Arhats

    Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Make Arhats

    Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and Arhat is a famous dish, which belongs to Confucian cuisine. Various raw materials, rich and fresh soup, beautiful color, such as eight immortals and Luohan

  • Eight dishes

    Eight dishes

    Eight-flavor dish is a delicacy, the main ingredients are green pepper, 1000 grams; soybean, 1000 grams; head vegetables, 3000 grams; sugar, 250 grams; vinegar, 250 grams; salt, 250 grams; soy sauce,

  • Eight Diagrams porridge

    Eight Diagrams porridge

    Bagua porridge is derived from "Chinese recipe for longevity". Its main ingredients are turtle and japonica rice. It is made by boiling with other auxiliary ingredients. It can play a health

  • Bagongshan bean curd

    Bagongshan bean curd

    Bagongshan Tofu, also known as Four Seasons Tofu, is a local traditional snack in Huainan City, Anhui Province. Bagongshan tofu is crystal clear, white like jade board, tender like congealed fat, deli

  • Mixed congee

    Mixed congee

    Babao, also known as Laba porridge, Buddha porridge, is a traditional Chinese Festival food. It is a kind of porridge boiled with various ingredients on Laba Festival.

  • Babu Zhai soup

    Babu Zhai soup

    Babaozhai soup is a traditional dish of Guangdong Province, which belongs to Cantonese cuisine. The soup tastes elegant and light, fresh and tasty, nutritious and has strong nourishing function.