• Tamdrin Dingzhen

    Tamdrin Dingzhen

    Zhaxi Dingzhen (Chinese Name: Ding Zhen), born in 2000, lives in Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

    Sichuan 2020-12-01
  • Zeng Bu

    Zeng Bu

    Zeng bu (November 3, 1036 - August 21, 1107), Zi Zi Xuan, Tai Chang, son of Yi Zeng, brother Zeng Gong of Zhong Shu Shu, the Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, and the important supporter of

  • Cao Zhen

    Cao Zhen

    Cao Zhen(? - 231 years' name, Qin Zhen, Zi Dan. Pei country Qiao County (now Anhui) Bozhou City) people. Three countries Time Cao Wei Famous soldier, Emperor Wei Wu Cao Cao Foster son.

  • Cao Zhang

    Cao Zhang

    Cao Zhang (189 years - 223 August 1st), Zi Zi Wen. Pei Guo Qiao County ( Anhui People in Bozhou. Three countries period the Wei state of the Three-Kingdoms Period Imperial clan, general, Wei Wu Di Cao

  • Cao Xiu

    Cao Xiu

    Cao Xiu(? - 228 years). Pei country Qiao (now Anhui Bozhou People. Three countries the Wei state of the Three-Kingdoms Period General, Cao Cao Clan.

  • Cao Ren

    Cao Ren

    Cao Ren (168 - 23 May 6th), Zi filial piety, Han nationality. Pei country Qiao (today) Anhui Cao Cao, Bozhou From younger brother (from ancestor). The famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms period.

  • Cao Pi

    Cao Pi

    Wei Wendi Cao Pi (187 - 26 June 29th) Zi Wan Pei Guo Qiao County, Yuzhou City (now Anhui Province Bozhou City People. Three Kingdoms period Famous Politician , Litterateur , the Wei state of the Three

  • Cao Mao

    Cao Mao

    Cao Mao (241 November 15th - 260 June 2nd) Zi Yan, Pei County, Yuzhou City. Anhui Province Bozhou City People, the Three Kingdoms period the Wei state of the Three-Kingdoms Period The fourth emperors

  • Cao Hong

    Cao Hong

    Cao Hong(? - two hundred and thirty two). Pei Guo Qiao (now Anhui) Bozhou People. Emperor Wei and Emperor Wei of the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period Cao Cao From brother.

  • Cao Can

    Cao Can

    Cao Can(? - 190 BC) , Han nationality Peixian people In the Western Han Dynasty, the founding fathers and famous generals were the following. Xiao He Later, the second dynasties in the Han Dynasty wer

  • Cao Bin

    Cao Bin

    Cao Bin (931 - 999 years), Zi Guohua, really decides Lingshou (now Hebei). Northern Song Dynasty The founding fathers.

  • Tie Muer Buhua

    Tie Muer Buhua

    Tie Muer Buhua (1286 - 1368). Yuan will be the first to stay. Rate troops to go Xiangyang He won the battle with song, fan and Wen Hu in the Shigi shoal beach. Later from Bo Yan Song, in Yang Luo Bao